Movie posters in a HC room?


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Finished a double garage to HC room conversion a while back and did the whole HC decoration thing - dark mat colours etc ...

I'm now in a quandry regarding my current 'bare' side walls. I sometimes think that 2 framed or mounted movie posters on each wall would look the business, however I then think about what impact that would have when the projector is on and I start getting reflections of the screen image on the posters!

It looks like some poster retailers other both framing with non-reflective glass (expensive!) and mounting on hardboard. I guess the mounting would help reduce any reflections, however if the poster is glossy anyway it may still be a problem.

Just looking for advice really or words of encouragement from other HC owners who've done a similar thing!

On another matter, still relating to movie posters, if you had to pick 4 for your room, which films would they be?

I was initially thinking of recent favourites, such as LOTR, however I'm now thinking that older 'classic' films may look better?

Drunken Master

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You could consider framing Aussie Daybills they are much smaller than UK quads or US one sheets. I have 4 framed around my house. I can post pictures if your interested?

I also have Kill Bill one sheet and Quad, and an Original ghostbusters one sheet framed.


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I got some UK quads and framed them with with some perspex fronted framed (100cmx70cm) which I found surprisingly cheaply (£16 for frames). Got an Indy, an Alien poster and a Jaws - classics :D

However, I have to say, whilst they look ok they don't quite cut it - in other words, if you want it done properly you'll have to spend the cash. If you don't want to spend that type of cash I'd suggest something else, though drunken master's idea's a good compromise...


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Could you not mount the posters in frames that will be angled slighty towards the seated position thus eliminating reflections from the screen?
It shouldnt need much, just a few degrees....

Best regards David


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You could even mount some form of strip lighting into the deep part of the frame facing the screen to give some non directional light when not watching movies......just a thought.

Best regards David

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