Moved into new house - can I use the minidish?


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I've just moved into a new house that has a minidish and cabling from the minidish to two rooms (that the previous owners had installed), but no digiboxes.

The house has no roof aerial, so I'd like to use the minidish as an aeriel rather than incurring the expense of a new roof aerial. Never had Sky, and don't want it either - but it would be great if I can get free to air from this exisitng minidish.

Anyone know what I need to do?

Thanks in advance.


what you need to do is get a sky digie box. you can by them in local eletrical shops or get a second hand one, my be form e-bay.

you will need one box per room if you wont to watch diffrent channals in diffrent rooms.
you will need to get a card for each box, you will need a free sat cart so you can watch the freeview channals. it costs about £20

get it here

now you get freeview through sky.

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