Moved into new home at the weekend.


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Just thought I'd share this.
Myself and my partner Michael moved into our new home at the weekend.
It's a smallish first floor flat with eleven other flats in the block.
By Monday morning we had eleven welcome cards through the door from the other residents.
Isn't that nice! :thumbsup:

PS: My worries about Freeview from the communal aerial were unfounded - great reception.


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just goes to show...don't give up on humanity just yet...there are still some decent folk around......great news about Freeview! :)

Cynthia 7

It sounds as if you're going to be happy there, Bat-man. What a great welcome. I've never known anybody even getting one card!

Good Freeview too, what more could you hope for.


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I am sure you will have many happy times ahead in your new flat, and to have such friendly neighbours is an added and - in this day and age - unexpected bonus.

To you and to Michael - have a great Christmas in your new pad :smashin:


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Excellent news! I'm hoping the bank send monies to my solicitor so I can move into mt new house on thursday! Can't believe its still not confirmed though! Doh!!!


Good luck in your new home......:thumbsup:


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Thanks everyone. :)


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