Moved in the UK, need new bookself speakers


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Hello everybody,
i just moved in the UK from Greece and i need your help.
I'm currently renting a semi-detached house but i'm afraid that my hi-fi gear will be too loud for the neighbours.
So before i have my speakers delivered from Greece i was thinking of buying a new pair of bookselves from here.
I have a Yamaha RX-797, the Technics SL-1210 turntable, the Marantz CD5003 cdplayer and a PS3 with the floorstanders Acoustic Energy Neo three:
Before buying the AE speakers i had spent a lot of time in hi-fi stores listening to different set-ups.
My living room is about 4x3m and i listen to '80s Heavy Metal and '70s Classic rock.
I found the bass in the AEs so good even though it has 130mm cones, actually i love listening to tight bass without a subwoofer.
One thought is to buy again from AE, the Neo 1, but i want your opinion for maybe something better.

So,do you have anything to suggest for that amplifier and this kind of music?
My budget is i guess up to 200£


Don Dadda

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Hi and welcome

The setup is not loud, it the person controlling the volume that makes it too loud. If you like your music that high, then no matter what you get, it will always be loud as long as you play it that way.

I have both neo 3 and 1 and use them on 2 separate setups. Though the neo 1 will not go as low (bass) as the neo 3, they can create enough noise when pushed and bass is good with the right amp.
My neo 1 are paired with a Marantz P7001KI and the Neo 3 with a XTZ Class A100 D3 amplifiers

I reckon it be safe with the current setup, you just have to adjust to the neighbours or break them in slowly :laugh:.
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I forgot by mistake to mention that i don't have enough space for the floorstanders here.
And yes you are right, i can control the volume knob.
How do the Neo 1 sound?
Unfortunately i cannot afford the money on upgrading my amplifier

Any other recommendations?

Don Dadda

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I like what i'm hearing from the neo 1 though they will not be for everyone. Other speaker to consider are the wharfedale diamonds 10.1 or if you could stretch to it are the 10.2 and monitor audio bx2. Dali Zensor may also do the job. Others i can think off are well above the budget.

I was considering changing them for the 10.2 as they have more lower end grunt but the neo 1 work well with the marantz in the room they are in which is similar in size to yours. Since these will be your main speakers then u may want to up your budget slightly. Your amp seems more than capable btw.

The Neo 1 are very good bookshelf speakers imo as well as other AE speAkers. I personally think AE don't get the recognition they deserve except on forums like these. Makes them cheaper for us though.:).


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Wharferdale and Monitor Audio are not for me, i have heard them already.I have listened to the Dali Ikons, not the Dali Zensor which i'd like to test along with the Q Acoustics 2020i, the KEF iQ10, the Mordaunt Short series and maybe the Mission MX1.

It's the music i'm listening that worries me, i don't want to hear "bad noise" and feel tired after a while.

Don Dadda

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I've not heard the ones you want to test so cannot comment on how well they will do, but you've done your research and you know what you like so far. If the neo 3's are doing the bizz at the moment, the neo 1's are pretty much of the same vein, just slightly less lower end. However, in my house and they way the mrs treats them you wouldn't notice the lessor lower end. Most impressive.

they can be better but at price paid, it would be a struggle.


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I just bought the Neo 1 V2, i went on the safe side.

Since money never end, can someone suggest an amplifier for them?

I'm keeping the RX-797 with my neo 3, but i want to get the most out of the new ones with another
amplifier (for rock-80s metal music)
Let's set the budget up to 250£ ?

I just want to hear them sing...

Any ideas?

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