Moved House, new aerial and want to feed new coaxial advice


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I've moved house this week, and the previous owners had taken their aerial with them.
Whilst having ordered a Televes X43 8044 aerial, I took a look at their existing coaxial cable that they have channeled in from the loft and it is poor.

The cable in the loft is white also, where the cable behind the aerial socket is brown, so there must be a join somewhere. When I tug at ethier end there is no movement.

What would people suggest? Re-route the cable outside, and start fresh as this may be easier? But I will still have to route it through to the position of the old cable.
Or channel out the existing cable, as the position is in the exact location I need it to be.

Any help appreciated!



Hi there i have had this problem many times, and its not as bad as it sounds so do not worry to much, this is a very common problem, i would sugest you forget the old cable and start again, a least you know that you are getting the best possible connection from your aerial to your display, if you know some body that can fit the new cable from your aerial to the point where it will come in your property, then thats the hard bit done from there you can run the internal part of the cable to your tv yourself, running it along the skirting or under the floor if thats possible, you can then either fix the end into a socket box, or go straight in to the back of your tv. WARNING!!
I would not recomend you climb on the roof your self unless you know what you are doing, and even then i would urge you to get a qualified installer to do this for you, it might cost money but a least it will be done right, i hope this helps.
I am on a mission now!:smashin:


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Why not give the old cable a try first.

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