Moved from Humax Freesat box to Freesat TV and bbc1 no longer 101 channel?


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Hi all,

Ditched sky years ago and had Humax Freesat boxes.

Building an extension to the house so buying new TVs for the new rooms and just bought a new 43" TV for the bedroom with built in Freesat.

When I set it all up and select satellite astra 28.2 it does find loads of channels but bbc 1 etc are no longer at the beginning, instead it has BBC 4 as 101?

Bit of a needle in a haystack question, but what am I doing wrong? Or has anyone experienced the same and fixed it?


The Freesat platform offers a very different EPG number system compared to Sky's EPG number system...

That being said... If you configure your Humax box to scan all the FTA channels without enabling the Freesat platform, it will number all the channels as they are detected - ie: in transponder order!


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Thanks for the reply but not sure I understand.

No longer using the Humax box, using the built in Freesat facility that the TV has?


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1. Are you sure that the satellite system it supports is Freesat and not free Satellite.
2. Were you asked for a postcode before the search?
3. When you scanned did you search for all free to air channels including DVD-S2? (HD)


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I am getting the HD channels, so getting BBC1 bit it was up at channel 70 something rather than channel 1 as it used to be on the Humax box.


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Looked at the specs - It does not mention Freesat or display the logo with the others.
It only mentions 1 satellite in.
All Freesat kit asks for postcode before scanning so it knows what to put at 101.

The sat-in is common on European market kit. No EPG. You get what you get in the order found.
I am getting the HD channels, so getting BBC1 bit it was up at channel 70 something rather than channel 1 as it used to be on the Humax box.
Sounds like your TLC television offers a basic FTA satellite tuner (that numbers all the channels as they are detected in transponder order!)... ie: it doesn't offer a Freesat tuning option!




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Few TVs have freesat built in. Not quite rarer than hens teeth but close. Sadly freesat no longer lists makes/models that have been tested/certified to the spec.

LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are possibles on some of their models at least? Return the TCL and get an alternative TV? John Lewis has a Freesat HD filter showing 111 sets!! but you'd need to take due diligence and ideally have one displaying the freesat epg in store first!

Free to view satellite tuner lists can be edited (laboriously usually) but lack a full 7 day epg and the auto (re)tuning updates overnight that makes freesat (and Sky) so user friendly.


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It's all good,this TV was only a couple of hundred quid and happy to use the Humax box still.

May be in the market for a 75" to go in one of the new rooms and may want Freesat on that so will spend more time researching that one as it'll be a lot more money.
You might be able to re-number the satellite channels manually and hide the ones you don't need access too. I've done this with all my LG televisions ;)

Some TV's even let you export channel/programmes lists onto a USB storage device...

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