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Move - Games


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Are there any games out at the moment that make it worth purchasing the Move? Are there any killer future apps?
Have look below and make up your own mind up...

Here is the current list:

Available PS3 Move Games

* Sports Champion
* echochrome 2
* Eye Pet
* Start the Party
* Tumble
* Kung Fu Rider
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
* Racquet Sports
* Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
* Heavy Rain Move Edition
* R.U.S.E
* High Velocity Bowling

Upcoming PS3 Move Games

* Time Crisis: Razing Storm – October 19, 2010
* Little Big Planet 2 – 18 January, 2011
* Killzone 3 – February 22, 2011
* Brunswick Pro Bowling
* The Fight: Lights Out
* Socom 4: U.S Navy SEALS – Q1, 2011
* TV Superstars
* Beat Sketcher
* The Shoot
* Sorcery
* The Sly Collection
* TRON: Evolution
* John Daly’s Pro Stroke Gold
* NBA 2K11


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I didn't think there were that many out already. :smashin:


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I would say (and this is in another thread but I couldn't find it quickly), get:

Starter Pack if you don't have the camera, else Move controller
Then another Move controller
Then a Nav if there is a game you want that supports it.

You might think of getting a Nav to go with your Move rather than a 2nd Move, but I currently have 2 Moves and 2 Navs. One of the Navs has hardly been used, the other is still unopened (thankfully was a freebie anyway). With 2 Moves you can play Sports Champs 2 handed which is ace.
Not old at all really, the only varible is the number of titles already in general release.

I'm hoping Sony begins supporting "move" in earnest next year with a spate of new "move" titles. Come on Sony release another schedule update. :)



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Sports champions is brill fun.
Ive got tumble from the PS store and that really shows what the move controller is capable of. You can download the demo of that aswell.


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Another vote for Sports Champions. Just got a couple of Move controllers for my Birthday, and been playing table tennis non stop all weekend. My shoulder is killing me! This system is so accurate and realistic. You really feel you're playing the game. For me this revolutionises gaming, which was getting a bit stale. The move system just completely blows the Wii out of the water.
Looking forward to a lot more Move enabled games. I played Tumble on a friend's systems recently, and that was good too.

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