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Move Ch5 to MUX2?

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Monkfish, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Monkfish

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    Mar 11, 2005
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    I'm sure this is an old chestnut, but who thinks Ch5 should be on MUX2?

    These MUX associations were drawn up before the advent of dual-tuner PVRs. If the PVR is intended to be the direct consumer replacement for the VCR then the channels most familiar to the public should be spread across only two MUXes.

    The BBC broadcast only six channels in MUX1 to preserve quality; surely the same should be done with MUX2. Seven good quality stations could be squeezed into MUX2; i.e. Ch5 plus three each for ITV & Ch4. Everything else can be distributed over the other four MUXes (primerily MUX A) and additional MUXes once the analog signal is no longer broadcast.

    In this way dual-tuner equipment would have full access to all the principle stations and so basic PVR control for the consumer could be much simplified without all the caveats regarding multiple recordings (these could be included in an "advanced" section of the manual).

    Naturally everyone has their own channel preferences, but to simplify dual-tuner use for the uninformed consumer looking to replace their aging VCR, I think this distribution would be a good idea. :)

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