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Caught this snap at a friend's recent birthday party. The idea was to get him to stand still and capture the rest of the party bustling around him. Sadly everyone else didn't move around as much as I would have liked, but the general idea is there. I just wish I'd had my 350d with me instead of my 'going out' camera, which is a mere Ixus 300 :(

Borrowed the title of the photo from the title of Donavon Frankenreiter's new album, as it was the cover image of it that inspired my concept.

Camera Used : Canon Ixus 300
Shutter speed : 0.59s
Aperture : f/2.7
Focal length : 5mm

Resize, levels adjustment and unsharp mask in Photoshop.


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That is a really excellent idea. Your mate is very sharply defined - did you shoot it hand-held? If you did that is impressive. It is a shame that there is that bright light at the top of the photo - I would have thought about cropping this out. But the idea is superb - I just wish I'd thought of it!


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In the absence of a tripod, the camera was balanced precariously on a pyramid of glasses / boxes / beer cans on a table and set to fire by timer.

I had thought about cropping out the light, but couldn't find a crop ratio that kept enough of the crowd in and retained a decent center frame position for the main subject.

If I had more time, I'd go back and try to recreate the shot at another event with my 350d, but alas that's not going to happen before the deadline ...

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