Mouthpiece Replacement Suggestions (510)


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I've recently moved from a JustFog e-cigarette device to an Eleaf Pico with Melo3. The Melo3 uses a standard 510 sized mouthpiece.
I'm looking for a replacement tip for when i'm vaping tobaccos. Something tapered i'd imagine it would need to be. Reasons being i find the hole too large for this, and am looking to get a more resistance for a more 'real cigarette draw'.
There seems to be loads of tips on the market, but do any of you folkies have one you could recommend?


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Update: I found the Nautilus 2 Drip Tip, which has a much smaller intake hole and combined together with airflow more closed and low wattage (for tabacco e-liquid) works really quite like a cigarette indeed.


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I picked up a selection of 510 drip-tips online, find the slightly taller thinner ones more comfortable to use and seem to give a better draw.


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it's not only the drip tip, if you want to get more real cigarette draw, you need to adjust the airflow hole too..
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