Mourning my plasma



Sold the house, complete with the PHD8 on the wall, and also chucked the HK amp in (got £800 for the lot as an extra on the house sale - so not so bad!) Kept my quads though ;) We're in a temporary place for a few months until the house is sorted, so I've just took the 28" bedroom TV and put it in the living room. I hadn't realised how desperately I would miss a) proper sound, and b) a 42" screen! I keep looking at the TV and wishing I could just see my Panny again. It's it so sad to feel this? Am I a freak??


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In a similar boat to you, just sold off my 50" phd8 and the rest of my equipment is to follow.

I'm about to move house in a few weeks into a fixer upper, more into the nice countyside.

I'm now reduced to a 28" Sony CRT and feel somewhat disheartened to loose the big screen experience and it's a big drop from 50 -28, i do miss it quite a lot:rolleyes:.

Anyway good luck with yours and i'm sure you'll be back to it before you know it, just hold in there at least you can look forward to a better set up with the newer latest tech:thumbsup:


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Am I a freak??

Absolutely not.
I came back from a fortnight in Lanzarote last night.

You would not believe my craving for what I judge to be proper sound, especially decent bass. That, combined with all the awful telly pictures I saw, meant I actually coudn't wait to get back home :(
Even the missus, as soon as I turned the setup on, commented similarly.


I'd say my AV picture is grim though.

Oh dear - shameless (and rubbish) medical pun.

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