Mounting Screen on Fibreboard wall


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Tried to perform a search before posting but got nothing back.

Anyway, i'm somewhat of a n00b to home cinema construction. When it comes to cabling and stuff i'm fine, messing around with walls and support beams etc is where i get stuck.

Basically i'm looking to put a 37" LCD panel up on my bedroom wall, however, the only wall available is not a solid wall. There appears to be some kind fibreboard crap (almost like straw) behind the plaster. I can't find any timber in the wall either.

What would be my best option for mounting such a screen safely? I'm thinking i'm going to have to bring the wall forward slightly?

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It sounds like a material popular in the 70's for internal walls - it's basically compressed straw sandwiched between two thin layers of plasterboard. There won't be any timber in it to fasten to.

So, you have 3 options if you value your TV:

1. buy a stand;
2. put it somewhere else;
3. pull down & rebuild the partition in timber.

Sorry to bring bad news...:(


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Arse, i thought as much.

I'm thinking about building another wall infront of it, incorporating supporting beams to support a TV, hopefully should help.


I don't know if it would work for you aesthetically, but if you attached a sheet of 22mm MDF to the wall (preferably resting on the floor) with multiple plasterboard fixers you could then attach the wall mount to that.


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