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Hi there

As a result of all the excellent installations I have seen on this forum, I have decided not only to by a Pioneer Plasma but also to mount it into a false recess on a chimney breast.

Question (possibly silly!!) is - how do you attach it to the wall mount in a recess - is this possible??? or do you build up the wall with stud/plasterboard around the screen (meaning it will be hard to remove at a later date?).

Any comments?

Hi Kevtotty

Just finished mounting my plasma exactly as you described.

Overall effect is very good, used a standard universal mount for this and can even backlight it if i wanted to.

Just studded the chimney breast with 4 x 2 and get a decent pasterer to finish off . Bonus of no wires!:D

Good luck!:smashin:
Any chance of a photo. Will you not have any cooling problems by the way.
I have left a suitable margin of 2-3 inches all round for cooling, used firecheck plasterboard and an additional layer of insulating material (the type sold for insulation/soundproofing / or laminate flooring underlay in this case) to minmise the problem. The fire is little used if at all anyway, but I didn't find any problems when lit.

Just trying to get some pics together, my camera is only 2 Megapixels though
Sorry, Kevtotty/Eagerbeaver

Here is the pic:


Looks great!!!! I thought about doing something similar, Is the plasma able to cool sufficiently? do the manufacturer recomend a certain gap?
Thanks Jpd2!:hiya:

Fujitsu state 10 cm, I have had no problems with cooling, some other pics are in the plasma for the lads thread.

I've cleaned up the visible wires recently, glad I went to the trouble, highly recommended :D

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