Question Mounting projector and screen on sloped ceilings


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Hi all,

Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise..

I have just purchased a new build property and am planning on converting one of the loft rooms in to a cinema room.

I haven't looked at the equipment yet but I want to see how I would go about mounting bothe the projector and screen on sloping ceilings.

The dimensions of the room are 5762mm x 4101mm (the 5762 is inclusive of the sloping ceilings). 1538mm in on either side of the length of the room the ceiling becomes 2m in height.

I guess I have many questions...

1. Is the room a good size?
2. I am considering a screen 92"-100". Does this sound reasonable?
3. Can I mount a electric drop down screen on a sloped ceiling?
4. Considering the dimensions is there enough space if mounting somewhere near the 2m ceiling height (screen and projector)
5. Which screens will allow sloped ceiling hanging or is there something you can suggest?
6. What kind of projector bracket will I need?
7. Are there any rule of thumb when it comes to dimensions for speakers (5.1 setup) setup?
8. Since the screen will be away from the wall the centre speaker will be mounted on the ceiling in front of the screen.

Right, I think that's all. Really appreciate any help with this project.

Thanks in advance.



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Hey all.
Looks like I've scared everyone off with all my questions.

Really would appreciate any feedback/ responses.

Thanks in advance.


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A picture or a plan of the room (even just sketched) would help.

Can you mount the screen to a wall or does it need to be ceiling mounted? I'm finding it difficult to imagine the room and give advice accordingly.

If you can't wall mount then presumably something is going to need to 'fashioned' to bridge the gap, to allow you something to mount the screen to.


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@Harkon321.Thanks for your response...I have tried to sketch as best as possible...

The only available wall that could be used is the shortest length in the room. The sketch will show this.



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    Room sketch.jpg
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So is the whole ceiling sloped with just about a metre of flat ceiling in the middle?

If that's the case I guess you wall mount but it depends how quickly that height drops from 2m. My screen is 2.1m wide I think, plus casing etc.


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Probably around 2.2m flat in the middle. Not completely sloped. (From the plans I have)

I guess there ain't no screen brackets which allow it to sit flat. Either need to make some housing to make it flat and then hang screen of that housing?

Would need to be similar for projector too? Don't really want to unless there is a bracket that will allow for sloped ceiling.

What would be the minimum height the projector can be? Don't really have any giants in the family.


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Yea. I mean you're not far off the width there, but if not you could make some housing. I'd be looking to hide the screen in there so it comes down, but I don't like things on show unless it's a fixed screen.
Projector is much less of an issue as it's only the bracket you'll need to mount. Look in to projectors and read up on lense shift. This means your projector can be above/below or to the left/right of the projected image if you need it to be. People say that you should use this sparingly, as it can affect picture quality, but it does do a good job in allowing flexibility of mounting. You could also sit the projector on a stand or similar if you didn't want to ceiling mount.

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