Mounting Plasma on Strange (Layered) Wall


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Hello all,
I want to mount my 50" plasma on my wall but have a strange wall set up and am not sure what to do. Hopefully this description of the layers in my wall makes sense.
Basically there are a few "layers in the wall". I know this as the back of the wall is visible via the furnace room. Here is how it looks: The wood studs are 16" apart. There is some very thin wood paneling nailed into the studs (this paneling probably used to be the wall). Then there is some strapping (I think 1"x2") secured to the wood paneling. Then there is drywall secured to the 1"x2" strapping.
The strapping is more spread out than the studs so there is (I think) one vertical piece of strapping every 3 feet or so. Since the strapping is spread out, in most areas there is a 2" gap (air) between the drywall and the thin wood paneling.
I don't want to mount my TV only into the drywall and am unsure of what to do here. The strapping is not as thick as the 2"x4" studs so I don't know if it is strong enough to hold the TV and since the strapping is so spread out, I think I would only be able to drill into one vertical piece of strapping (because the mount is not that wide).
If I use very long screws, can I go through the drywall, through the wood paneling and then into the studs?

I am stumped and any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thanks very much,


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What is the distance from plasterboard to the studs?
WHat are the studs screwed to ?

The issue you have here is even if you drill into the studs you have a length of fixing that is "exposed" and will be bearing some kind of load on the plasterboard.
This runs the risk of ripping out of the studs completely.


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Sounds a bit weird to me. You could maybe use spring toggles for a fixing. I fixed my brothers 46" Samsung series 6 to the wall using these alone and it hasn't moved a mm in nearly 2 years. But you need to be sure they are grabbing the plasterboard properly. Visit screw fix and search out cavity fixings. There's a few different methods to choose, one may present itself as the perfect solution for you.

If it was me though I'd be tearing down the wall and attaching new boards direct to the studs, strengthening where necessary etc etc. If it wasn't too much hassle of course.

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