Mounting new Panasonic TXP65VT50B on this bracket - Will it work?


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I am in the process of putting together a new home AV setup. I've got my eye on the Panasonic TXP65VT50B. I want to mount it on the TECHLINK Echo EC130TVB (Link Below)

(TECHLINK Echo EC130TVB Plasma TV Stand with Bracket - for up to 60" Televisions | Dixons |)

My question that I was hoping to get assistance on is will this TV mount on this stand?

I'm not too familiar with VESA standards so I'm unsure. I don't think the weight will be an issue but will it fit on this mount bracket.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Dead give away in the description

"For up to 60" televisions"


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I also have my own Panasonic TXP65VT50B and use the TECHLINK Echo EC130TVB for mounting. Everything is perfect and I'm pretty sure that there are not safety issues around. I will try to post the pictures once I dig it from my other computer.


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Im also looking at this stand to use with a 65" samsung.

Did you buy it in the end KevRH?

Hows yours holding up at the moment unoparker?


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Can anyone confirm whether the techlink echo ec130tvb will fit the panasonic st65 which has vesa of 684 x 300.
If not can the bracket be changed on this stand as techlink definitely do 65" tv wall brackets.


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Do you know what the vesa mountings on your samsung measure?


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I am not sure sorry. It is the 65es8000, had a quick search online but couldn't find it. I'm sure if you ask someone on here they will know.


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Hi there new to the forum and plasma in general I too am also looking for a mount stand for the panasonic 65st60. vesa 684 x 300.

From what I have read from diff mfgs if you are with in the weight for the stand
and the brackets vessa will fit the tv you will be ok.

Not looking to pay an arm and a leg either and wall mounting is out of the question as i rent. Anyone with an idea let me know . I prefer to avoid a bench stand because of where i have to place the tv i need the swivel option. the old
tv im replacing had casters so i would just pull it out to center for movies . Not sure i wanna be doing something like with a new flat panel.

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