Mounting my plasma - I need help MAW ( S Wales area ) !!



Will soon be getting my Pioneer 434hde from JL and moving house, when I do I'll be wanting to mount the baby over the fireplace and bury the cables if possible behind the wall. It's one of these newly built houses. Anyhow's, I aint got a clue about where to start drilling and stuff ( im a penpusher !! ) so I want to get a firm to do it for me. I gave a PA Installations a shout ( local AV firm in my town of Llanelli ) and they quoted me £300 + a £300 plasma handling charge cause I didnt buy the plasma through them. Surely this is a bit steep ( £600 ) !! Can anyone recommend someone in the South Wales area who can do this for me for a fair price ? Any suggestions MAW would be greatly appreciated as you may well know firms in my area !
That's not kind! Bet they charge a fortune for plasma too, like £300 more. Well I can help almost certainly, PM me your phone number, my best technician lives in Glouc.
thanks for your reply MAW, much appreciated. I've pm'd you.
What about Thomas Bros ? if the are still there.
Thought PA only did commercial sites ,clubs etc.
Thomas Bros are still there but will only install a plasma bought from them, PA installations are installing plasmas at the Pentre Nicklaus Village ( the new golf village ) which is why I asked them .. but to charge £300 as a handling fee is ridiculous. BTW, you from Llanelli ?
Thanks for the PM, Jack We will be in touch, your budget sounds eminently reasonable. I can also see why someone should refuse to install something they haven't supplied, I feel better that than to offer at an extortionate rate
BTW, you from Llanelli ?

Used to live very near to llanelli , spent a lot of time there way back , Zenon & moonraker use to be my old haunts , also spent many a day & night down north dock with a load of other mates.
I may even know you, were the same age i think.

Zenon and Moonraker ... they're Tom Peppers and Bar Luna now :p Dean Franklin is the name.
Don't think i know you Dean , a few of the guy's i use to hang with were , Brewer , Kipper , Active(Gareth), Steve Evs , To name but a few.

I know Kipper and Steve Evs, the other names sound familiar too. You probably know most of the Seaside boys. Im a bit of a newbie when it comes to plasmas, now I'll know who to ask if I need advice :D

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