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Hello. Need some help please. I mounted my TCL 55EC78 on the wall and having a few issues. This is a TV with an Onkyo soundbar built in. The issue is that the sound bar housing protrudes at the bottom on the back of the tv and as a result its very tight against the wall at the bottom of the tv. Its been nearly impossible to turn the retaining screws via a screwdriver at the bottom of the bracket to secure the tv. I have done the best I can by sliding left and right, tightening the retaining bolts and sliding the tv back in to the middle. Now though there is a tilt and I cant get my hand back at the back to adjust the tilt mechanism. What Id really like to do is bring the TV back out a bit from the wall so I can then tighten the retaining bolts properly. I think I can achieve this my purchasing deeper plastic washers and longer screws i.e. to shift the hangers out from the back of the tv a little before I hang it on the bracket. Is this possible ? I could also do with a longer philips screw driver.... or something

Hope I have explained in best possible terms but am open to other suggestions. I dont want to drill any other holes or purchase another bracket if possible please,

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