Mounting LCD in/around existing chimney-breast recess


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Hello all. Now that my crafty wait for biggish LCDs to plummet in price is over, I'm faced with a wall-mounting problem that I haven't found addressed in this finest of forums.
A few years back, we rashly had a deep hole scooped out of our sitting-room chimney breast to accommodate a 24" CRT (it's very nearly flush-fit), along with space below for a/v equipment - I've been trying to upload/attach some photos of this, but so far without success.:suicide: (Will try again when I can face it.)
The plasterboard-walled recess incorporates a couple of power outlets and an RF aerial socket, so it was a fairly neat solution (until I went down the 5.1 route, and ended up with speaker cable everywhere).
So... has anyone got any ideas how I might safely mount a 37" LCD (I'm thinking of the Hannspree XV37, which is getting a good press here) in the space? (Which is to say, across it - I'd guess it's around two-thirds the width of a 37" LCD)
The main problem would appear to be that there's nothing but air where I imagine I'd want to be attaching a bracket...


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Well - here are the photos (awful-quality phone-camera jobs, in keeping with the domestic shambles depicted):



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I guess you have several options,

you could brick it up and mount proud

or you could brick out the back and put a big wooden block in to hold your brackets and cover with plasterboard and skim

or maybe try and get a ceiling mount bracket to sit in there, but that will look pretty bad :)

you have some interesting things on your speakers also :D


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Thanks for that. Not sure I can face bricking the whole thing up - prefer the idea of bricking the back in, with a kind of recessed mount on a wooden block as you suggest. A bit neater.
Yeah, having looked at some of the unbelievably swish set-ups in this forum, I do feel a bit bad having all that guff piled up on the speakers (that's actually some daft filigree box my wife put there to hold our remotes), and speaker cable everywhere.
Still - I'll be happy when it's done. Waiting to install: a Panasonic SA-XR10 (25 quid from eBay), new Yamaha 5.1 NSP110 speakers & sub (69 quid from Hughes Direct)... and with an LG upscaling DVD recorder/VCR combi (wife insists we keep all those VHS kids' tapes) for 159 quid and the Hannspree to come (for around £440, hopefully) I'll have a decent set-up for two parts of knack-all (not forgetting the old Humax 8000-T, which is still doing sterling service).


number one rule.

Keep the wife away from any av equipment and installation. You'll end up with silly things on your speakers. Next she will probably hang a lace thingy over the screen so it matches the curtains! Remind her that you do not get involved with how the kitchen worktops are filled/managed, so tell her to stay away from the home cinema set up! lol



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Well, you're right. But then again, I do get involved in the kitchen worktops...
Also, I've just noticed which particular "interesting" on-top-of-speaker object lilox was referring to in his post. ie: the one above the centre. All I can say is: it's not what you think. It's just a big purple thumb. Long story...:cool:

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