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I'm now in a position where I'm ready to hang my Seleco projector - but I've hit a minor problem. My plasterboard ceiling has a 12" cavity above it. Above that is concrete. My plan is to get some long (15" - 18") masonry bolts which will anchor in the concrete, pass through the cavity and plasterboard enabling me to hang the projector bracket. The problem is getting hold of such long bolts.

I've only tried screwfix and my local DIY store do far. Anybody know where I can source some??

Any alternative mounting suggestions?





You dont need bolts. Simply buy some M8 screwed rod and some nuts. You can then cut these to any length you like (they come in 3m lengths).

Drill holes in concrete and fit concrete Anchors. Screw rod into Anchors and suspend equipment from these.

(used all the time so suspend air-conditioning units)

All parts are available from screwfix.


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Simon - I owe you one. Fantastic idea. My only problem now is getting rid of the 996 spare nuts!!



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and another way is to use a chemical fixing agent to bond the scred rod into the concrete, this is thenstronger than the concrete, all available from screwfix.


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Job done!!


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I did exactly the same but only used two bolts, didn't think it needed four until now. Considering the sofa is directly under the projector I 'm a little worried now, it's been fine for about a year so far!!

Roland @ B4

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Henry keep posting every so often just so we know you are ok.

"No you sit there dear I know you like this film, I don't mind sitting off to the side, infact I think you get a better view from here":devil:


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based on some quick back of a kit kat wrapper calculations...

Each M8 stud should not fail until it has a tensile load of about 310 kg -> with two you are looking at 620 kg. Of course that assumes that the weight of the PJ is pulling directly vertically down on the studding and is not bending them or anything.

I would be most worried about how good the anchoring is in the concrete/stud interface! But I am sure that bearing in mind the load ~ 100 kg it will be fine.

Maybe wear a hard hat though!

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