Mounting an old Z2 on ceiling, want to future-proof location


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Hi all,

The room I'm going to use for cinema in my house is 2.2m tall, and around 5m square. I plan to mount my trusty Sanyo Z2 onto the ceiling, and project onto a wall. It's a big wall, and I expect to be able to achieve a 16:9 diagonal of around 3.4m (width around 3m), give or take a few cm.

Walls and ceiling currently painted white. I'll leave discussion of the paint colour for later, but I can say that in my test, I'm projecting a 2.7m width screen onto a white wall, with the blackout blinds blocking the windows, and even some light coming in from a door frame which needs a door fitting, and it's very watchable, if slightly washed-out. Projector distance from wall is 3.5m, and zoom set to maximum.

However, my Z2 is old, and whilst it still works, it's not going to last forever.

What, given the above, would be a reasonable distance to mount the Z2 from the projection wall, given that at some unknown point in the future, I'd be replacing it with a more modern projector, say an Optima HD131Xe? I'd be happy to live with *slightly* sub-optimal contrast / brightness if the mounting position was more suitable for the newer projector in the long run.

What I want to avoid is mounting the Z2, then finding that when I upgrade to the HD131 that I have to re-run cables and mount in a completely different place, for the picture size that I want. I know that theoretically, from the same mounting position, the HD131 should give me the same but better, but I'm paranoid so I want to ask here.

Finally, I can say that using the projection calculator from another website, comparing the Z2 and HD131 with a screen size of 2.9m width, the Z2 throw range is 4-5.2m, and the HD131 is 4.3-5.2m. So is it fair to say that anywhere that overlaps in that range is safe?

Thanks for reading, hope to get some good feedback.

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Given those figures, I'd say you are correct. So your prime concern should be where within those distances is the projector best placed. At the 4.3m mark would give the best light output, but maybe that's too far forward and might impinge on headroom above your seating?


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Hi, thanks a lot for the answer. I'm flexible - the ceiling is bare, and it's not *that* low that the projector will impinge on headroom. So you're saying, to put it at the nearest possible point for the HD131 (will also work for the Z2...). This leads to another question:

I read somewhere that it's best to be in the middle of the zoom range - putting the projector as near as possible to the screen will require maximum zoom (I think - my brain hurts). Is there any truth to what I read? A bright image sounds good to me, but I think the article suggested a possible loss of contrast and / or detail. In which case would I be better to mount it at say 4.8m, and use medium zoom?

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