Mounting an LCD above fireplace


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Right - where to start.....?

Ive been looking at various threads for some time now and really fancy mounting my tv on the wall - the kicker is that in our house im, not able to do one of the false wall projects that ive seen and fallen in love with on here.... so its a case of hanging my TV on above the fireplace on the chimney breast.

Now - after reading Kavanf1's thread (here) ive been very wary of using just any old mount - so i want something slim.

However, as my tv will be at around the same height as Kevans - i may need one with a bit of tilt.

so - my first question is.... does anyone know of a slim tv mount that has a tilt function if required??

My TV is a Samsung le40a656 by the way - is it even safe to mount an LCD above an occasionally working fire?

Next question - if i DO manage to get my hand on the holy grail of mounts - how do i get over the cabling issue?? My first thought was to drill through to the inside of the chimney breast - fit some metal trunking and run the cables in that, however... the inset gas fire is there... and although we dont use it - we want the option to use it should we feel the need.

Ive spoken to a good mate of mine (a gas fitter) who tells me that its a no go to have the wires (even when covered) inside the chimney breast as its illegal!

so - how the heck do i hide the wires without recessing into the wall and replastering? (im still selling this to the wife and making a major mess isnt going to help the cause).

also - if i do manage to get a slim mount how do i fit the hdmi cable into the rear panel on the tv? can you buy slim hdmi cables? or L shaped so the connector sits as flush as possible with the tv?

last question - for normal tv viewing we tend to use the sets speakers (i use my 5.1 on films and games) - bearing in mind the sammy has rear speakers.... what effect does having a tv mounted close to a wall have on sound?

Ive included a pic of the fireplace and connections on the tv to give you a bit of something extra to go on.... please note that i'll be feeding 2 hdmi cables to the rear of the tv and as such the side one wont help me out.


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Hi Leeb

Unfortunately, I can't offer any advice about how to wire or what to do with your pesky wiring, but I recently mounted my TV on a chimney breast (much like the one shown in your post) and it stayed up for all of 12 hours before I took it all down and put it back on the stand and moved everything back.

Cabling issues were a nightmare, the tv was too high, power outlets were too far away, tv looked far too dominating.

I would give it some serious consideration before attempting to move it (especially given the fact that you might move it above a 'sometimes' :eek: working fireplace!!).

Have you thought about how it might look by making a cardboard cut out and putting it where you propose to hang it? You might find it too high which will make for uncomfortable view over long periods.

Sorry I can't help, but i just wanted to share my experiences with you as you are in a similar situation that I was a month ago. Here's my layout:


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hi ya mate

well its a bit of a tricky one with the cables :confused:
with out a doubt mate its a no go with the cables running inside the chimney due to the flu of the gas fire :lesson:.
and if you do not want to do a channel for the cables to sit in then im realy lost on wat ya gona do ?
only other way is like some kind of trunking ?#
to do a channel you wont have to replaster just use EASYFILL



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I too had the same Issue as you, Im afraid the only way round it for me was to recess the cables and re plaster, far better lookling and worth the hassle if you ask me.....hope you manage to get round it....:thumbsup:


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