Mounting a Gallo over a gas flue


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I was just about to install a Gallo Nucleus Micro as a centre speaker directly above a plasma (in turn above a fireplace) and then realised that the gas flue runs directly behind my nicely marked out holes for the wall mount.

Any suggestions on an alternate way of mounting this? Thought about mounting into the ceiling (using the wall mount) as there is a joist above, but the mount does not allow a sufficient angle to direct the speaker toward the listener. Gallo Ceiling Mount not possible either due to the previously mentioned joist.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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I've never been a fan of mounting above a display, wont it go below ?


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Alas no, the screen isn't far enough above the fireplace. Looks nice though ;)


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Get a powdercoated plate made up to bridge over the gap which can bolt to the centre speaker bracket?


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Nice idea, thought about something similar but in wood. Current plan is for a mate to knock up a bracket on which to mount the speaker just above the plasma, attached to the plasma wall bracket itself via a conviently spare hole in the centre of the top rail.

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