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Mounting A 40" LCD On To Eggbox Plasterboard

Big Shoes

Established Member

I am in the middle of decorating and i am trying to figure out how to put the tv on the wall, the wall is between the front room and the hallway and it is 10mm plasterboard with eggbox backing (about 35mm) and then the 10mm plasterboard that is in the hall, i have cut a few holes and there doesnt seem to be any wooden supports, just the plasterboard which seems to be just one piece?!!?
I was going to cut a section out and put some ply wood in place of it but as there seems to be nothing to fix it too.
Maybe the only other option is to make a false chimney but only make it come out about 2" and make that from ply and fix the tv to that? Would i use plugs and screws to fix it to the plasterboard, would that hold the weight on the wood and tv?
Sorry about all the questions, hopefully someone will give me some ideas or a solution!
Thanks in advance!
And yes, the tv does have to go on this wall.



Distinguished Member
There is timber there, it is spaced at every 1200mm or 4". The timber will only be around 1" thick. I have my 50" tv fixed to this, the centre of the bracket is fixed to the timber and the rest has cavity fixings.
If you fix to the paramount wall (eggbox) use a bracket that fits tight to the wall, not one that extends out.


Big Shoes

Established Member
Ok, thanks for the reply, i found them, the problem i have now is that the tv bracket is 32" long and it is in between the joists!!!!! it is 3.5" from one and about 8" from the other!! aaaahhhhh!
So now it will not be able to be fixed to the joists and the tv will not look right if it is not in the center of this wall, what shall i do now.......


Prominent Member
Now it gets messy. The only thing I can think of is to fit horizontal noggins between the vertical studs (not joists - these go bteween floors). To do this you'd need to cut a fairly large hole in the plaster board etc. No easy remedy I'm afraid.


Standard Member
I will have the same problem as Big Shoes... however the staircase runs behind my wall and have plans to attach it to this somehow - otherwise my options are the same- create a chimney breast type affair or build a suitable wall with decent uprights in the correct location! The new wall would let me recess speakers etc like Big Al's [very nice btw], or even the ones you can plaster over [are these any good?].

Big Shoes

Established Member
I have gone with the fake chimney breast idea, it only comes out about 2" and has 5, 2x1 full height supports (92"), 2 of which are on the joists, with 15mm MDF screwed onto this for the false wall, the LCD bracket will be bolted onto this, and a newly bought 2kw electric fire underneath, it is going to look good, and be very secure.


Established Member
That sounds like a very sensible solution. Otherwise you would always be worrying that your nice new flat screen is just about fall to the floor.

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