Mountain or Hybrid Bike


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Hi Folks,

Am finally looking at buying a bike with a price range of 300-350. Would mainly want to use on the road, but would also be doing some light off roading so am looking for some advice.

Would it be better to get a mountain bike with road tyres or a true hybrid bike. Had a look at a couple of bikes in my local bike shop over the weekend and would welcome any feedback or other recommendation.

Looked at Giant Yukon and Claud Butler Urban 400.



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I would go with the road tyres option if the majority of riding is on road, you will get much better grip in wet conditions on the road, which is of course where you need it.


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I got a hybrid from Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative a couple of years ago - one of their "Revolution" range, and it's been excellent.

It's fine for canal tow-paths, disused railway lines and other tracks, although the gearing does not make it suitable for really steep hills. The tyres are knobbly at the outside but smoother in the middle so are easy to use on or off road.

Oh, and for a big jessy like me, it's got mudguards!

And a bell!

All for about £230 if I remember correctly.


hybrid bykes are a better option if you're going to be doing mixed riding. You get narrower tyres, which means less drag on the road, but they're still sturdy enough to be able to do towpaths and bump up and down curbs if you need to.


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Another vote for a hybrid, mountain bikes are a waste if you don't go properly off road. At that price point I'd steer clear of any bike that had suspension of any kind as its likely to be heavy and the cost of it detracted from other parts of the bike.

You can get some good deals on last years models, I got mine for a genuine half price just because it had been replaced by a new model that had a different seat post.


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I got a Claud Butler Mountain Bike front suspension about 5 years ago for £350

At one point I was using it every day to get to and from work in all weathers did the ocasional bit of offroading and its still going strong I ve never had to spend a penny on it.(touchwood) I ve not even cleaned it more than once or twice just oil the chain every now and again. I ve never had a car any where near as reliable!


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Don't expect to do much off road on a Hybrid, I agree with BrianC though would steer well clear of anything with suspension at the 350 price range. If you go for a mountain bike you can get some DMR Moto's they are good for on and off road

Have a nice rounded profile very good on wet and dry concrete but they also have treads deep down so they are also pretty good for dry and damp dirt.


I use them for Dirt Jumping and Street best all round tyre I have ever used.

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