Mount for Panasonic TX-22LT2


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Just starting to get my head round the terminology for LCD mounts. Need one for my grans tv.

Seems I need a Vesa 75/100 type of mount - didn't notice anything obvious on the Panasonic TX-22LT2 for it to attach to - presumably I need an adaptor?

Gonna have it on the wall but fairly high up so she can't grab the tv and pull it down when she is walking along. Therefore it needs to have reasonable downwards tilt on it (though i guess a little sideways might be useful if the tv was ever moved though not a priority).

The manual says it weighs 11.5kg so Obivous I need to check the mount can take that much weight.

Any help and advice very much appreciate cos she'll be in a bad mood if she can't watch Songs of Praise :lease:


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thanks - I did have a quick look at the tv and wondered where the holes were.

I've searched for products onlinie and a few sites do claim to offer suitable mounts, I guess they must have made mistakes.

Are there any options for mounts that would attach/clamp around the edges of the screen?

edit - looks like i'm suck having to buy Panasonic's own mount for the tv for £130!!!


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Unfortunately this screen is unmountable.


This is not true. I've got this TV (the most seductive TV I've ever seen!) and it's been on the wall ever since I bought it nearly 4 years ago. I paid for the wall bracket separately but it was also made by Panasonic, specific for this TV and some others of similar size. If you still need info on this, I'll dig out the installation leaflet for you.


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I've managed to find the leaflet for mounting the bracket on the wall:

Bracket model: TY-WK22LT1U
This mount is made specifically for the TVs models:
TC-22LT1 and TX-22LT2
Once mounted, the TV can be tilted up or down but not swivelled to either side.
The bracket cost about £150 when I bought it, the price should be significantly lower now, if you can find it.

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