Mount a 26" LCD on plywood?



The local Walmart has a very nice (and cheap) TV cabinet, but the only thing I don't like is that it is made for bigger TVs and would put my tiny little 26" LCD down very low to the ground. So I have been toying with the notion of simply putting in a nice piece of plywood (painted to match, of course) that fills the back of the TV area, and then mounting the LCD in the center of it. Question is, will 3/4" plywook hold a 26" LCD, or do I need to put some 2x4s behind it for extra support?

jonny round boy

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18mm plywood will be more than strong enough to support your TV, you won't need any other support (assuming that the plywood itself is securely fixed ;) ).


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The plywood should be more than strong enough to support a small LCD TV, just make sure that the plywood is firmly attached to the TV cabinet! :)

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