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Seeing as Durera has done this in the 360 Games section, I suppose it makes sense to have a PS3 version so here goes.


So how do you feel about Motorstorm, one of the launch PS3 titles?

A 10 should only be given for a landmark game that sets new rules, a 9 for a truly excellent game without flaw, and an average game that does things right but nothing special should get a 5 (not a 7 or 8 like some would have you believe).

With thanks for Durera for providing the format (makes sense to keep it consistent across AVF).


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Nice graphics (no 1080p though), fun (but occasionally random and frustrating) gameplay, some ridiculous loading times during vehicle selection and one of the very worst soundtracks in gaming history. A good game overall but nothing too special.


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Some points are as follows:
-Excellent soundtrack [you can switch off the music tracks that you do not like].
-Excellent graphics.
-Excellent physics [crashes].
-Good online play let down by dodging catch-up option. It is almost impossible to catch up once you are left behind, even with boost.
-Atrocious loading time on the vehicle selection menu.
-In online, you are given tags depending on how many times you have raced online [Hero, Legend, God etc]. In my opinion, these tags should represent how many times you have won in races, and not how many times you have raced, so that people can judge whether to race against you [I'm a noob and don't want to be in a room full of pro's]
-In single player, the game gets boring after a while, as you end up racing the same tracks, with different vehicles.
-Also in single player, at level 3 races, I am finding the races very hard and have thus given up.

btw an excellent idea for setting up this review thead.


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Realistically, don't think you can give this much more than 7/10.

I'm sure Motorstorm 2 will improve all of the above negative points and therefore 'that' would warrant 8 or above.


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Was blown away by it when I first played. Graphically lush.

Loved the soundtrack (though it has tired on me a little now) too. Great fun, easy to play and is a cracking spectator game too.

Having finished the regular game I found it was gathering dust until the latest patch that fixed the boost exploit. Now, online is the way ahead with Motorstorm. An absolute blast!

Okay, the lobby system might not be perfect but there's no game online that makes me laugh, curse, shout and laugh again, as much as Motorstorm does - especially when alcohol's involved.

For me it's a solid 8 and easily one of the best launch titles for any console (the only others that have been played as much are PGR3 [360] and SSX [PS2]).

Until the inevitable sequel, I'm praying for the DLC to arrive.


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Nice to look at, music good, shocking-stupendous-unexcusable load times that ruin the experience.

I much prefer one player, as online it is unforgiving for the amateur, also experinced on line play crashing and GFX going a bit weird.

5 out of 10 (6 out of 10 if those load time were not so bonkers)


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Great GFX, even better on bonnet cam than 3rd person view. Great sense of speed when boosting. Loud. Great rag doll physics. Punching fellow bikers reminds me of Road Rash. Great graphical show-case for the PS3s' potential.

Overely aggressive A.I in the latter stages - they really, really have it in for you. Online was poorly implemented with rubbish lobby system and plague with cheats prior to the update. Lobby system still poor after update. Flaky comms. No split screen. Lack of map variety. Long loading times.

Worth a few days rent for the offline. Great online playing with mates if your lucky enough to get the comms work - adds longevity.

7/10. Must do better with MS2.


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I was trying to decide between a five or a six for this, but as one of the first PS3 games and it having quite an initial wow factor I went up to six.

The biggest problem with Motorstorm is that it soon loses its novelty and becomes repetative/tedious, there is just not enough variety to keep you interested.

While I understand that patches have been released that may help my first exposures to online play in Motortorm were a mess of lag and flakey connections, as such I have missed out on an element of the game that might have improved its rating somewhat.

One thing that soon begins to grate on your nerves is the loading times which are surprisingly long, on the vehicle selection screen this is particularly noticable.

Overall the game looks great, runs pretty smoothly, and the physics are definately well done but it feels like it's only part of a wider scope game that should be there instead.


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Love the single player game, but stuck on 2nd race on level 4.
Love the graphics.
Love the sound track.
Loading times are annoying but don't spoil it too much for me.
Hate the overly long crashes that allow everyone else to overtake you!!

I keep going back to it tho, and only just started going online too which is great.


Deleted member 65413

Initially liked it, has some great strengths but let down by lack of two player mode and riduculous load times.


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The soundtrack slowly drove me insane... I had to turn it off altogether, all that shouty shouty nonsense. Would be nice if you could add your own tracks.


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Still find it to be an excellent racer. Until Dirt came along, this had the best graphics I have seen in a racing game. The sound is astounding! Easily the best sound I have encountered in any game. Turn it up full blast, and it is just mental :devil:

Personally I love it, and I have not even played it online that much. Maybe a little hard in the later stages for wimps :D, but I find it a proper challenge that can be overcome with perseverance.

A well deserverd 8/10!


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These types of games get churned out on established systems and the public wont bat an eyelid. Due to the lack of competition I feel this game gets far higher reviews than it deserves.

The game is frustrating, lacks depth and is very, very repetative. The maps lack variety and there is very little to keep the player coming back. Online play was a nightmare and i'm not paying even more money for reversed tracks or a new game mode.

Loading times are beyond a joke.

I felt there was very little going for this game, except that there arent many other racing games, which in my mind, shouldnt be a quality. Despite looking quite nice, the game lacks play....

This game (not the gfx) is below average, so its a 4 from me.


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I went for 7. It's fairly impressive visually (although no where near as much as in the early videos of it) and it plays well but it's just too shallow for me and it didn't keep me playing very long at all. There's stacks of superb racing games around on the various consoles at the moment and motorstorm struggles to really make an impact IMO. I bought it at launch, played it for the first week and since then it's only come out very briefly.


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an excellent game and very enjoyable play.

let down by the following.

loading times, come on guys PS3 has a hdd use it for some caching :rolleyes:
online play, lobby wait seems bloody annoying and everyone boost cheats :thumbsdow


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an excellent game and very enjoyable play.

let down by the following.

loading times, come on guys PS3 has a hdd use it for some caching :rolleyes:
online play, lobby wait seems bloody annoying and everyone boost cheats :thumbsdow
The boost cheat has been fixed - sure you're not playing in catch-up games?

And yeah, the load times are horrendous!

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