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PLEASE NOTE: During an update a lot of the information got chopped somewhere. Now I'm in a great big sulk!

As the picture above suggests, I proudly present MotorStorm. Developed by evolution studios exclusive for PlayStation3.

Official Web-Site:
Official PlayStation3 Web-Site:
Format: PlayStation3
Developer: evolution studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date: Japan: December 14th, US: March 6th, Europe: March 23rd

'The Company Line' on -
GameSpot said:
Developed by Evolution Studios, MotorStorm is a brutal, no-holds-barred offroad racing game created exclusively for the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. Set in the fictitious desert environment of Monument Valley, MotorStorm takes full advantage of the processing power of the PLAYSTATION 3 to deliver an extreme racing event where the goal is to not only win, but to survive.

In the game, players will descend upon the MotorStorm Festival, a celebration of the alternative and extreme offroad racing culture. Throwing caution to the wind, players will take on a variety of racing fanatics and battle through chaotic, action-packed tracks to try and become the Festival champ.

Capitalizing on its pedigree in offroad racing, Evolution Studios has created a true next-generation gameplay experience that features smarter artificial intelligence (AI), real-time track deformation, fully destructible vehicles and environments, and stunningly detailed scenery. Tapping into the power of the PlayStation 3, MotorStorm will showcase cinematic effects such as motion blur, depth-of-field, and Hollywood-style "crash cams" that replay spectacular crash sequences during a race.

* Attacking and Offensive Driving – Players must not only try to win the race but survive against the other racers. Combat-like racing takes center stage as the vehicles are the weapons.

* Stunning Environments – MotorStorm features amazing scenic environments that capture some of America's most recognizable desert landmarks with wide-open plains, harrowing cliff edges, and tight canyon sections.

* Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence – The A.I. will be able to analyze the race and surroundings and react in the most realistic manner possible. Not only will the competition try to win the race at all costs, but the A.I. will react to situations realistically, such as locating the best routes and changing the level of driving aggression based on player actions.

* Real-time Track Deformation – Players will never experience the same track twice as each vehicle will carve up the track in varying depths, making navigation of each lap different than the last.

* Real-time Audio Manipulation – An entirely new in-game music experience where echo and reverb are filtered in, delivering a unique "live" music experience during each race.

* PLAYSTATION 3 – Greater processing power on PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray technology enables more immersive visuals and sound effects in MotorStorm, heightening the chaos within each brutal race environment.

What do we know about MotorStorm?

Setting the scene
Set in Utah's Monument Valley the competitive races take place around the MotorStorm Festival where a huge gathering of people come together to fuse music and speed. The festival includes a music stage with performances from unannounced artists and DJ's which can be heard in-between racing. You can even insert your own CD and the game will process the music, something evolution studios is calling 'Live-Fi' (DSP), in the same sound-stage as the game. I'd imagine your own 'live concert CD's would work really well as the crowds scream and applause the acts songs.

Confirmed track listing for the game:-
- The Grizzly
- Coyote Rage
- Mudpool
- Rock Hopper
- Tenderizer
- Dust Devil
- Sidewinder Gulch
- Raingod Mesa

More will be available from the PlayStation Store throughout 2007.

EDGE magazine has printed the number of tracks on the game disc is down from 12 to 8.

For the racing part Monument Valley initially hosts 12 tracks scattered around the festival covering different surface types including mud, sand, rock and gravel, the stuff you'd normally see in this sort of setting populated with wooden/metallic structures at various points, some aesthetic but others can be used to your advantage. A ramp may provide the opportunity to escape the chaotic turmoil in the slow dirty muddy lows of base terra-firma to a ridge of rock and gravel for better speed and traction. Another use is to simply ramp over carnage that blocks the road ahead and gain vital places. However these structures are completely destructible too. The adventurous racers can impact on ramps, misplaced towers and huts amongst others maybe revealing a secret passage to success.

The racing conundrum doesn't stop there as most intriguing part of MotorStorm is the deforming track surface. evolution studios are calling it Persistent Terrain Deformation (PTD) whereby muddy area's of the track, which make up a large percentage of the core route, are constantly evolving and changing the way your vehicle connects with the surface effecting traction and balance.

Technically PTD means that every tyre of each vehicle will change the track surface constantly in real-time so you'd never race the same lap twice, ever. The evolving surface will mean that racing will progressively become a bumpy ride negotiating the rivets of past drive-throughs so reactions will need to be very swifts to the changing environment.

evolution studios have put a lot of development in to PTD and they are confident that not only tyres will deform the surface but also debris, as small as hinges from smashes to the crumbling structures around the track, and drivers being flung from their vehicle will embed there own thumbprint. One thing is for sure, it's going to be a very messy experience.

MotorStorm has 35 vehicles in 7 in different classes (5 in each). They are:-
- dirt bikes
- ATV's
- buggies
- big rigs
- pick-up trucks
- quads
- saloon cars

Plenty of variety. Each vehicle type will have it's own advantages and disadvantages, a big rig will be slower and can't jump ramps but be less effected by the ever changing road surface or attacking competitors. Careful selection of your vehicle is required.
- Vehicle Renders - (thank's Dav).

Motorstorm, as revealed by EuroGamer TV - - uses the GAG system to ensure that racing is competitive. The system has three primary objectives with in-order execution:-

1. to entertain
2. to challenge the player
3. to win the race

This means CPU opponents will not take have a pre-determined racing line and can create carnage to other CPU opponents and challenging players.

In addition a matrix system will determine how other drivers react directly relating to the vehicle you are driving. For instance heavy, bulky trucks are programmed to wipeout bikes which are faster and more agile. Also CPU opponents can gang up on other drivers if the matrix allows depending on previous race history and vicinity.

The matrix also provides some humour. You'll race around seeing drivers being quite rude giving you the bird, two fingers, shaking a fist or threatening you.

It's not going to be easy to win races.

Believe it or not it seems to be very competitive from early reports (see IGN's E3 hands on). evolution studios have, and continue to, fine tune the CPU opponents to be aggressive and are confident the final product will not only see you battling with the CPU but also the A.I. opponents brushing each other out of contention. Gang land A.I. in a race!

MotorStorm has 21 tickets hosting 4 races each which need to be completed before moving on to the next ticket. 84 races within all the tickets held over 8 course. Pass certain milestones and the level upgrades. For instance in the first race you start is level one but the fourth race, the last in the first ticket, is level 2 and so on...

If you win them all you'll be given a 'Golden Ticket' to the main event that closes the festival called 'The MotorStorm'.

Career progression in single player see's you participating in numerous events across the lenght of the festival including specific vehicle races. If you survive them you will be given a 'Golden Ticket', your pass to participate in the big event at the climax of the festival known as the MotorStorm. I think it's self explanitory - expect nothing but complete carnage.

In a Q&A session held on the PlayStation Forum with evolution studio's they confimed that offline will have 16 players and 12 players online.

20 cars may be stretching it a little. Media over that last few months have shown 12 players but recently it shot up to 15. The lastest EuroGamer TV report showed 14 players on track. No confirmed numbers as yet but as soon as I know it'll be updated. Not too sure how this affects 16 players online.

The racing is structured using the normal lap after lap affair but evolution studios are aiming to have 20 competitors in a single race offline. Competitors will also have the use of 4 nitro boosts (CPU A.I. included) to overtake or inflict terminal damage to opponents so be sure you select a tough enough vehicle. Also fatal impacts will be treating with a Burnout style slow-mo on the ensuing carnage as you helplessly watch parts flying everywhere sinking in to the mud and drivers flung from the cockpit.

evolution studios are aiming to get up to 16 people racing online which isn't at all bad considering all the stuff going on around you. If they pull it off smoothly it'll be a treat to play.

GameSpot visited evolution studios -;picks;title;1 - and revealed that 2 new modes will be added in about the next 2 months (post release):-
- Time Trial (posed to be free)
- Eliminator (posed as paid for content)

Also an upgraded track - Coyote Revenge - is a reversed and revised version of the original track in the retail game. It will be a paid for download.

GameSpot also conclude that other track are in the pipeline for future DLC.

The Guardian has spoken with Simon Beson, Producer of MotorStorm and he confirmed that the following content will be made available for download from the PlayStation Store
- MotorStorm Demo (for European launch)
- Tracks
- Vehicles
- Modes
- Liveries
- Options

Some will be free and others chargable. A demo of MotorStorm will be downloadable on the launch of the PlayStation3 from the PlayStation Store.

EuroGamer TV - - has confimred that a downloadable track will be available within the first week of the Japanese release on 7th December.

From the EDGE article it seems the number of tracks included on the disc will be 8, down from 12. I think we can assume that downloadable content will be made available in the future including the purchase of new tracks. Four at least it seems!

With the invigorated online friendliness of the PlayStation3 the team are going to provide players with a selection of downloadable content. Eventually gamers will be able to download small customisation items like liveries and race modes but also major core gaming content such as vehicles and tracks to expand the gaming environment. As yet details are unconfirmed but I'll be looking out for information and update this post accordingly. Maybe TGS will provide more information.

Technically Speaking
evolution studios have been generous enough to tell EDGE magazine the game will run at 30fps at 720p resolution.

Currently there are no confirmed reports of how MotorStorm will perform but the game has been built up from scratch over the last 2 years however the frame rate will be at least 30fps and evolution studios are aiming for 1080p. The game should have as many effects as any other game including HDR, motion blurring, tone mapping, bloom, depth of field and use the Havok physics engine. All these effects are being distributed over the SPE's to maximise performance at this stage of the PlayStation3's lifecycle.

Easy Listening...
Apart from the 'Live-Fi' the developers have confirmed that the sound will support 7.1 Dolby Digital for the most advance aural experience.

As posted by H_S_H_23 (thank you), these are the confirmed music tracks in MotorStorm:-

1. Elite Force - Presha
2. Hyper - Hot Rockin
3. Pendulum - Slam
4. Spiritualized - Electricity
5. Trash Palace - Animal Logic
6. Wolf Mother - Woman
7. Krafty Kuts - Bass Phenomenom
8. Pitch Shifter - Scene this
9. Reverend Norton Heat - Big Red Rocket of Love
10. Slipknot - Before I Forget
11. The Experiment - Cost of Freedom
12. Elite Force Lunatic Calm - Leave you far behind
13. Nirvana - Breed

The music will be digitally processed using a system developed by evolution studio's called 'Live-Fi' to give the music a festival feel in keeping with the whole MotorStorm event.

Japanese Version Impressions
PLEASE NOTE: the Japanese version doesn not include a fully featured online mode. The views of media will be reconsidered when they review the European code with online code.

Additionally evolution studio's have been working to tweak the game since the Japanese launch and hope to acheive a smoother, faster game along with better visual effects.

EuroGamer said:
We've been told all sorts of things about MotorStorm. To begin with it was simple: cars, bikes, buggies and trucks will drive around big tracks set in Monument Valley.

Then there was all that stuff about persistent terrain detail: tyres cutting through mud would leave appreciable dents and grooves that buffeted your suspension on subsequent laps, while hoardings would splinter and smash under the weight of an unseated motorcyclist hurtling against them, and leave troubling debris.

There was talk of AI opposition reacting badly to engagement, nudging you into a ravine when the opportunity next arose. And of course there was that trailer at E3 two years ago, which aimed to convince us all that as well as about 48 million transistors, Industrial Light & Magic lurked within the RSX graphics chip, the run-over from their birthing of the next generation of videogame visuals splashing the walls of desire with automotive ejaculate.

And you know, some of it's true. The persistent terrain detail works as advertised, the AI doesn't like to be mistreated, and as much as it'll pain some of you to read it, MotorStorm does look amazing. At times the brownest game since Quake, the detail's still incredible, with every flavour of special effect dancing merry hell around the frame buffer.

It's like a graphical rave - textures are photographic, if not always bump-mapped; the cars' glossy intricacies muddy and fray delightfully under the weight of incessant grinds, nicks and flecks; dust and mud-showers cloud your third- or first-person perspective; and the draw distance is phenomenal, with tracks like Rain God Mesa designed to emphasise this with huge crescent roads along mountainsides, or massive jumps, while Rockhopper goes even further, clear as day for further than, in real life, my eyes can reliably see anyway.

It's also probably the only videogame aesthetic that sits comfortably within the aural cocoon of Nirvana's Breed, among other raucous accompaniment. Indeed, that CG trailer may not have been literal, but it was evocative - of a game that leaves you enjoying rather than bemoaning somebody else's definition of cool.

But anyway, none of that's a reason I particularly like MotorStorm. Those are just neat little bonuses.

I like it because it's the first racing game in ages to realise that you don't need 487 tracks; you just need a few really good ones. I like it because it's the first racing game in ages to realise that you don't need 487 cars; you just need a few really good ones. I like it because it's the first racing game in ages to realise that you don't need endless modifications, inversions, reversals, reversions, diversions, or excursions to other genres; you just need a simple, straightforward series of excellent races.

And I like it because it's the first racing game in ages that actually got why SSX was good.

I'd half forgotten about SSX, but Evolution hasn't. So much bears comparison. The tracks, of which there are surprisingly few, are immense, taking several minutes to lap, and they're multifaceted. The handling, which varies depending on your mode of conveyance, is never less than perfectly in tune with the adjustments you make with the analogue stick (or, if you can be bothered to master it, the tilt control).

This is no game of driving to the end of the road and going left. It's about constant adjustment as you're buffeted by the terrain, angling your buggy, car or whatever to cushion your landing whenever you're rocked free of the ground. It's about using the handbrake and the boost buttons as much as the clutch, because traction's at a premium and momentum's often your biggest foe. Every race has the endless need to compensate of a rally game, along with the depth of choice and epic scope familiar to fans of the first two, long-form SSX games.

Across a race's three laps, you'll probably struggle to remain in first position, but the challenge isn't directly attributable to tough opponents; more it's a matter of driving yourself well and finding the right route. If you fall behind, pulling yourself level may involve navigating the perillous and often aerial path to a better route - finding a cliff mantle from the trail of mud you're wallowing in, or navigating a narrow gully - and doing so is risky but immensely rewarding, like dancing between hails of rock-shaped bullets into the arms of a winning lottery ticket. It's the racing genre's closest thrill to the violent ballet of a martial arts sequence, and something only a few games have ever done well, SSX being one.

Burnout managed it at times too, and there are superficial comparisons to be drawn here also. MotorStorm's furious terrain is always pecking at you, trying to bite your wheels off, and your vehicle is visibly tatty after a while even if performance is unimpaired. But make solid contact with anything or roll significantly, and you'll likely explode in a slow-motion, head-beneath-the-water moment of depressing failure. Often it's an exclamation point to pre-empt the tirade of abuse you'll rain on the game's "unfairness" (although you'll know it's not actually unfair), but it can also be quite a showpiece - played with a friend, I realised that pausing the game and wiggling the right stick allowed you to spin the camera around and marvel at the scene. Pointless but fancy.

Respawning, you're robbed of speed but reimbursed with cool: as in, your temperature meter is reduced to zero, so you can boost again. Boost plays a huge role, with a likeable flame effect, but its real joy is risking a last burst just as it's about to push you beyond the red into detonation: literally exploding over the finish line to nick first at the end of a 15-minute race is uniquely satisfying. Well, it would be if SSX didn't have a similar thing.

But this doesn't feel particularly derivative and comparisons with other games are only drawn to persuade. You shouldn't be put off by the relative paucity of tracks and modes, either, nor the slower general pace; MotorStorm's brand of physical, technical racing is still exceptional in a number of respects (not least of which is that it's a PlayStation 3 game I've felt like playing when the working day's disappeared).

There are some niggles, like the occasional explosion when you graze a transition between dirt and rock that veers toward inexplicable, and there'll be concern over its directness, I expect (online is being withheld for the Western launch in March, with not even split-screen available in Japan), but the fact I've not felt the need to topload that detail with boundless negativity ought to be telling. Ditto the occasional dip in frame-rate, most typically associated with bunching over the start-line, and largely irrelevant in a game where the real fun is not speed, but control.

So yeah, we've been told lots about MotorStorm. So let's be excited about the fact that it still manages to feel incredibly fresh, immediate and exotic, in spite of its notoriety. Bolstered for its European release, it ought to be a classic, but right now it's simply excellent.

IGN UK said:
If you're desperate to get your hands on MotorStorm, you might have considered importing the Japanese version of the game. Well I'm here to save you fifty bucks with a quick mental exercise.

First, power up your PS3, go into the PlayStation Store, and download that impressive MotorStorm demo that everyone has been talking about. Play it, taking note of a few areas in particular -- the title screen, with the rolling video in the background, the festival mode, which uses "tickets" to stand for racing events, the car select screen, which likes to keep you waiting while it loads up new car models, and so forth. Now (and here comes the mental part), close your eyes and picture that exact same demo, but with the following:

1. More video in the background during the title screen.

2. A set of six high definition movies under the movie section of the main menu. Included is a neat little look at how Motorstorm has progressed from an early demo featuring rough polygonal cars, to its not-so-final shape in the Japanese release, and a live action flythrough of Monument Valley, the setting for the game.

3. A bunch of additional racing tickets, some locked away until you've cleared the easier events.

4. An additional selection screen prior to some races that allows you to select a type of car. This allows you to, as just one example, drive a truck in a race full of motorcycles. I don't think I need to let you know what happens next.

5. A few additional effects to make an already pretty game even prettier.

Got all that? Congratulations! You've just imagined the final Japanese version of Motorstorm.

Based on its Japanese release (and I'll remind you that the version I'm writing about isn't the one that's due out in the West), Motorstorm is the most featureless racer I've ever played. There are only a couple of options, for adjusting the sound and screen and switching the motion sensor controls on and off. Missing are options for adjusting the number of opponents and track count, and such standard modes such as free run and time attack.

The game doesn't even have any form of multiplayer racing. While we knew about the lack of online in the Japanese version, there's no multiplayer what-so-ever, not even split screen!

Motorstorm also shipped to Japan with some of the glaring problems from the demo still in place. Load times prior to the start of a race can take up to 45 seconds. Car selection requires that you wait for new car models to load up, and you can't even see your car's stats on the selection screen (the stats are available in the manual). It's exactly like the demo, and is unacceptable for a final product.

The PS3 is software starved in Japan (since launch, there have been only two mahjong games, and I, the reigning mahjong champion of Northeast India, have no need for the digital variety), so I put up with the missing features and spent the weekend playing Motorstorm's racing events. And sure enough, I agree with the glowing impressions our boys in Europe have previously posted here at IGNPS3. The driving component of Motorstorm is a blast to play. You've never played a racing game quite like this, where the type of car you select can totally change the feel of the course, where the bumps and other obstacles that line the course are more of a challenge than your opponent racers, and where each lap can be raced on a different path. As I played, I found myself thinking that no two races are ever alike, and every race is better than the last.

Motorstorm is also the first real proof of the PS3's true technical prowess (Resistance provided just a few hints). The game manages to deliver sharp detail up close for the cars and tracks, along with distant views full of extraneous details, including lots of waving banners. And beneath all that is an impressive simulation of 20 cars interacting with the track. While a few shortcomings get in the way, including the occasional unfortunate camera angle during replays, a bit of slowdown here and there, and mud effects that need a bit of work, this is the most technically impressive game I've ever played.

And it will likely be even more impressive once Evolution Studios finishes up development. Motorstorm was clearly not ready for its Japanese debut, and considering how poorly non-Japanese games tend to sell in the Japanese market, we're not sure why Sony wasted the team's precious time on rushing the Japanese release. We look forward to playing the real version of Motorstorm early next year, and, based on the preview provided by the Japanese version, fully expect it to be one of the finest racing experiences ever.

gamesTM said:
- MotorStorm exceeds our expectations
- MotorStorm make a legitimate claim of the title of Best Looking Game Yet...And when the vehicles turn up, life just gets better
- When you factor in the deformable're left with a true tour de force. It makes the rest of PS3's current output look dated already
- Despite the beautifully realistic lighting...This is videogame racing as it should be: fast, thrilling and fantastical...the brutality of Burnout with the finesse of F-Zero
- The way each vehicle interacts with the track and with each other is key - you will never run the same race twice
- The track design, depsite there being only eight, is so intricate and intelligent
- After an hour of MotorStorm, the future of arcade racers looks very different
- If there's ever been a more cerebral arcade racer, then no one at gamesTM has played it...the handling is sublime
- The opposition artificial intelligence is also of such a high standard
- [talking about crashes] It's breathtaking, made all the more so by it's sumptuous looks and flawless physics
- MotorStorm is screaming to be played online
- Never has an off-road racer felt so compelling, so necessary and so thrilling. If this is what can be expected of the future of PlayStation3, then sign us up. And if not, then we're still left with the finest arcade racer since Burnout Revenge. Congratulations, Evolution Studios. You're now at the forefront of the racing world
- What makes this game unique?: MUD physics: The mud greatly effects the wheel trajectories of lighter vehicles

The End
All that's left for me to say is for anybody picking up a PlayStation3 in March 2007 MotorStorm is shaping up to be a potentially thrilling ride.


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Motorstorm does appear, from everything I've seen and read, to be an awesome game. I've preordered my PS3 with Argos, and the only game I have ordered so far is Motorstorm from Amazon. I'm loving the prospect or an awesome launch title for the first console I'll have owned since a Megadrive... :D

PS Great first post.


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Played the demo and thought "wow!", as there's some real fun racing to be had.

A.I. - The system has three primary objectives with in-order execution:-

1. to entertain
2. to challenge the player
3. to win the race

This means CPU opponents will not take have a pre-determined racing line and can create carnage to other CPU opponents and challenging players.
I do have concerns about the AI however, as the one thing i dont like is "catch up AI", because if you're kicking them badly they should stay behind, and not get some much slower car/driver magically catch up to you. If this GAG AI did stuff like slow down and wait for you to lap them to then try to give you a smashing, then that would be much more impressive than making them suddenly get infinite boost or whatever to "be competitive".

Still the game looks promising as a fun online racer.


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Very cool post.

I've been playing the demo non-stop, and my parents are going over to the US on Valentines day for 3 weeks, going to get them to pick me up Motorstorm :D



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Just got the Jap. version today. Does anyone know if there's a way of changing the menu language to English? It's a bit confusing trying to work out what you're doing. Apart from that it's a superb game.


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Anybody know if the Japanese version will get an update to play online?


The jap version will not be patched at the moment, this is what the devs said when they answered questions a few days back.

What i think is they want everyone who has the jap game to go out and buy a Uk or US version thus making more money, give it a few months then they will patch it.

Greedy sods.


The jap version will not be patched at the moment, this is what the devs said when they answered questions a few days back.

What i think is they want everyone who has the jap game to go out and buy a Uk or US version thus making more money, give it a few months then they will patch it.

Greedy sods.

Nope because it looks like the game will go the same way as RFOM. If you have a JPN machine then you wont be able to play online no matter what region game you have. This is to keep lag to a minimum!


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Hmmmm so people with a USA machine, if they buy a Uk motorstorm ( which maybe region free we dont know yet ) will only ever get to play on USA servers?


Hmmmm so people with a USA machine, if they buy a Uk motorstorm ( which maybe region free we dont know yet ) will only ever get to play on USA servers?

The game will probably be region free, the online wont be. So I think (not known for sure but its looking this way) that if you have a US machine with a UK game then you'll be playing with US folk... those are the breaks:(


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Hello again chaps. Just stumbled across a Q&A session the PlayStation Forum had with numerous developers in evolution studio's. There's a slew of information in it.

It's actually a really good read. I really emplore you guys/gals to read it. They are very frank, excited about the US/PAL versions and seem to be nothing but passionate about the game. The transcript is below (I've spent and hour making sure that it's formatted properly for you all).

Concrete details to come out of the transcript are:-
- 16 offline CPU opponents
- 12 online opponents
- online experience will be region sepcific i.e. no Americans on PAL lobbies and no Europeans on American lobbies
- voice chat with Bluetooth headsets
- 7.1 sound via HDMI
- Cell is used to help the RSX manipulate data
- all SPE's and memory are used
- uses 18GB of Blu-Ray space, compression ratio of 2:1, Cell can decompress data faster than reading it
- plenty of DLC on the way (not specified at this time)
- no plans for custom soundtracks but could be done in an update if consumers want it
- ranking based on current performance
- not PSP compatible
- new demo will be available prior to US launch (optimized version of same demo)
- sequel is on the table

Here's the link - - but I have published it below for you all.

PlayStation forum Q&A with evolution studio's said:
Hi there. MotorStorm will be released on March 6th. Will the U.S version of Motorstorm have a multiplayer offline feature?
evolution studios: The US version is focusing on the online multiplayer mode. We have 12 concurrent players in any vehicle class competing in a brutal race to the finish line. If you like the offline demo, you'll love the online - real people are so much fun to crash into.

In regard to the Havoc Engine, how has this engine enable you to do things that previous engines were limited to?
evolution studios: The Havok engine in conjunction with the Cell processor has allowed us to integrate advanced physics into MotorStorm on a scale that hasn't been seen before. It's the sheer amount of things that we can do at once which has impressed us most about Havok and the PS3.

Will the game run in 720p or 1080p and at 30 0r 60 fps?
evolution studios: The game will run in 720p at 30 frames per second.

Hey guys, Will the Online partion of the game feature voice chat via bluetooth headset?
evolution studios: Online mode will most certainly feature voice chat via both USB or Blue tooth headsets. It's great fun teasing your friends aftyer you have just wiped them out ;o)

Will there be downloadable content after the game is released? Such as vehicles, tracks, etc?
evolution studios: Downloadable content is a must for MotorStorm. You can expect much more than just vehicles or tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for more info soon!!

What made you decide the name of the game?
evolution studios: Wow, thats a tricky one, it seems like such a long time ago! it was the idea that came first not the name, so we spent ages looking for something that fitted. initially we wanted to call it Stampede, because, well that's just what the game kinda is. Only problem is it just didn't have a ring to it. To cut a long story short, we sweated for ages over the name until MotorStorm came along, which just kinda seemed right.

What is the max amount of players in an online race?
evolution studios: You can wipe the floor with up to twelve total players online.

Will there be offline multiplayer when the game is released in march?
evolution studios: Hi, at launch the offline mode will be single player only.

How soon can we expect downloadable content?
evolution studios: There is plenty of DLC on it's way, but you guys have got the whole game to look forward to first.

Will MotorStorm ever feature any type of remote-play functionality with the PSP such as a live orbit camera or rearview mirror?
evolution studios: Motorstorm does not feature any PSP connectivity.

will the game have downloadable online content?
evolution studios: Motorstorm will indeed feature downloadable online content. The exact details of which will be released in the very near future.

One thing I feel important to address is the CG trailer shown at E3 05. How do you guys feel about that? Did it give you guys a benchmark to reach, add pressure to make the game great, or was it just unnecessary pressure on you to live up to it?
evolution studios: The MotorStorm trailer was a great thing for us really. At Evolution, we always aim to model the real world, not just make our game look better than other games. This shows with the World Rally games we made for PS2 also. Targeting a high benchmark is part of our culture - think big or go home.

First off, although it may be premature, but congratulations to Sony and the Evolution crew for a truly masterful piece of software. Is Evolution considering a sequel to Motorstorm, perhaps using the latest version of the Havok physics engine? Also, will online updates for enhancements be available for Motorstorm? Thanks!
evolution studios: Thanks for the kind words! We're definitely considering development of a sequal, and we'll certainly be working closely with Havok in the future. See the previous answer about online updates.

How many players will be supported by the game?
evolution studios: MotorStorm is 1 player offline and up to 12 players online.

i saw a video of a view inside the vehicle where mad splatters on the winshield and the wipers clean it off, will this be in the game?
evolution studios: Yes it will. The game features 2 camera views for each of the vehicles. All the driven vehicles (Buggies, Big Rigs etc...) include a third person camera and a first person camera. The ridden vehicles(ATV & Bike) have two different 1st person cameras.

I noticed a great Nirvana track on the Demo. Are there any other big names lined up for the soundtrack?
evolution studios: Loads of ace tunes on the sountrack, we've got Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, Primal Scream, and my personal favorite, the Reverand Horton Heat. Super fast psychobilly at its finest!

has the game had any *dramatic* graphic changes since the japanese versions release?
evolution studios: The game has undergone numerous minor tweaks but the biggest improvement you will see is the inclusion of 12 player online play.

Do you have any plans for a open roaming track as a downloader for PS store?
evolution studios: There are no plans at this time for an open roaming track for PS Store.

Will there be AI cars when playing on-line?
evolution studios: MotorStorm Online will allow you to compete with up to 11 others players on any track, with any vehicle combination but AI will not be featured whlist playing online.

One Sony Exec says 1080, another Sony Exec say 720p, What is the Official Resolution? No one seems to be on the same page.
evolution studios: I can confirm MotorStorm runs at 720p

How much of the PS3's capacity are you using with this game?
evolution studios: We are using all of the SPU processors and all of the memory. We also use most of the Blu-Ray disk (thank god its not a DVD!). We are confident however that we can still sqeeze a great deal more out of the PS3 and as we found by making World Rally Championship for PS2 every yeat for 5 years, doubling the visual through put is not unusual on EVERY ITTERATION!) - yes, it even amazes us!

Are there any games or movies you feel might have been influencial or inspirational in the creation of MotorStorm?
evolution studios: To be honest the biggest influence on MotorStorm wasn't a film or a game. We really beleived that no one has really captured really awewsome scenery in a video game. We really like the setting monument valley provided, and we found everything we ever wanted for the game there.

I recall an interview reporting about a Split Screen feature being absent from the game upon release but if there was enough demand for it, it could be added in at a later time. Is this still in consideration?
evolution studios: At the moment we are focusing on the online multi player side of things. a 12 player online motorstorm game is an experience like no other ;o)

Going into the next gen, what do you guys as devs feel is important? It's easier for us gamers to complain and ask for certain things, but I wonder what you guys think should be done going into the new generation.
evolution studios: The thing about the next gen is that we've really nailed graphics now, and we believe we can make things look awesome. We can now start thinking about the other stuff like physics and AI that used to play second cousin to graphics.

Say im on a muddy track. my wheels are all muddy right. If i decide to jump off a clean ramp, will the mud from my tires stay on the ramp?
evolution studios: Not exactly, but we do have some amazing mud technology. The track gets ripped up as you have already seen and the wheels of the vehicles actually bounce around in the tracks (try riding a bike slowly on the mud and switch the camera around to a side view to check the detail). Also our mud spray actually paints onto the vehicle bodies in realtime and when you see how much mud there is flying around, you'll realize just how much power is required to process that much data in realtime.

What sixaxis features will the game have?
evolution studios: You can steer you vehicle with the sixaxis... ever had that moment when you're playing a racing game and find yourself leaning into the corners, even though you've just got a controller in your hand? Well if you're one of those perople, driving MotorStorm with a sixaxis will make lots of sense ;-)

Will there possibly be an update to include Custom Soundtracks? (I love the ones already in the game) I think it would give me a rush of excitement to listen to my favorite music while crashing into other players.
evolution studios: At the moment we have no plans to do this, but if it is a popular suggestion that is certainly possible in the future.

Hi All and welcome. I was wondering how much of the cell does your physics use? Did you need to dedicate one of the SPE's. How challenging was it to program for?
evolution studios: we used all of the SPEs, but we are sure that we can use them even more efficiently in the future - so watch this space for even more cutting edge stuff.

How long was this game in development?
evolution studios: It took us just over 2 long, hard years to write MotorStorm, and we hope you like it!

What would be the best vehicle to use?
evolution studios: The best vehicle depends on the race you're in, that's the trick, they've all got their own stregnths and weaknesses. The only exception is when you're on the track called 'The Grizzly', where you can choose you're own vehicle. On that I drive a rally car, but you've really got to know the route to win on the later stages.

How much space does the game take up on the Blue Ray Disk? I am assuming it is on a 25 GB disc right?
evolution studios: We use most of it, about 18GB if I remember correctly (and everything on the disk is actualy compressed at a 2:1 ratio too as the CELL is so powerful, that it can decompress the data faster than it can read it.

will the online have voice chat?
evolution studios: Yes we do support online voice chat in-game, with both USB and blue tooth headsets.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 how much graphical & CPU power do you think Motorstorm uses out of the Playstation 3?
evolution studios: As with every game ever made, the developer typically pushes as much as they can through the system and believe that they have delivered the best that can be done. However, every time you start the next game, you typically double some of the elements by changing the implementation. WRC on PS2 proved this. We kept thinking we hit the PS2 limits, then we smashed them with the next version.

We think we've done a pretty good job for a launch title to get a lot out of the PS3, but past experience tells us that it won't be until be much later into the lifespan of the console until we get everything out of it. Just look at the differences and the progression over time with our WRC franchise on the PS2. I'm sure you'll see a lot more out of the PS3 in the future.

As a Racing game, in what ways did you make this game different than many other racing games?
evolution studios: Evolution have got a pedigree in racing games, and we like to think we know what's good and what's bad about them. We really felt that 'sim' racerrs were cool, but they we're all lacking that certain buzz. We tried with MotorStorm to make something that was fun, the analogy we used in development was not to make a sim, but make a Hollywood script of a sim.....

Any chance of a new demo on PSN before March 6th?
evolution studios: There is a new demo which will be on the store. It will essentially be the same as the previous Rain God Mesa track but it's more optimised so you should find it a little more faster. Can you handle the extra speed??

Have any graphical enhancements been made since the downloadable demo? IE....undercarriage textures, or 3-D plants?
evolution studios: We've made lots and lots of tweaks to the game while we have been developing the online infrastructure.

Will there be a Downloadable patch for us gamers that purchased the import version so we can play on the US online servers?
evolution studios: As of yet there is no confirmation that the Japanese version of the game will be patched to include online play.

How many variation of Taunts does the game have?
evolution studios: Wow, without the stats in front of me, I couldn't tell you, but there ar plenty, plus variations for different vehicles, and variations betwen male an female riders.Congratulations, you've stumped me!

What is the max number of vehicles that can race at one time in the offline portion of the game?
evolution studios: To doozman Including the player vehicle you will have up to 16 vehicles on the track at any one time.

I was wondering, how hard or easy is it to work with the Cell Processor in the PS3? and could you make this game using other technologies like Xbox 360 and WIi, or was it always PS3 and PS3 only right from the beginning?
evolution studios: Evolution Studios makes games exclusively for PS3. We cant really comment on the other platforms, but we can say please judge us by our results. We made MotorStorm from scratch in 2 years with a modest (but exceptionally tallented) dev team. Making great games is always hard, but it's not usually the platform that causes this, its the drive to make it just that bit better that challenges the team - but we bring that on ourselves.

Do you guys have a favorite track from the final game? If so, which one?
evolution studios: I love al lthe tracks, they're a labour of love, and our environment builders did a heroic job on really bringing them to life, making them feel part of Monument Valley, and making each one play very differently.

Can the European players play against the US players?
evolution studios: At launch US players will only be able to play against other US players. We made a very careful decision on this based on the latencey the user may experience when playing over such distances. We had to ensure this was at a minimum to ensure the chaotic nature of MotorStorm was retained during online play.

How many courses is MotorStorm coming with?
evolution studios: MotorStorm features 8 tracks. Each of these tracks vary in size but are far bigger than your average racing game with multiple routes. These routes that can also only be accessed by certain vehicles. This gives each track a unique flavour every time you play it with a different vehicle.

Coyote Rage was featured on the Japanese MotorStorm site as a playable track, but is not listed on the North American page. Will Coyote Rage make an experience in the North American version?
evolution studios: Coyote Rage IS in All versions of MotorStorm. Must have been a misprint :)

I know we will see night races, will the cars feature working headlamps?
evolution studios: Night races was a design choice. We don't have headlights, but you can see the action under the just makes it all the more tricky ;-)

As you say that you aim to model the real world. Was making the mud in the track a major feature u wanted to include to reach this. and if so, was it difficult?
evolution studios: To be honest, getting mud right was really, really hard, but we really felt that getting dirt to work well in a game was something we could really make work with the Ps3's power. Previous generations of hardware just weren't up to the job.

How many playable vehicles are there in the game?
evolution studios: We have a total of 7 distinct vehicle classes in the game (ATV, Bike, Buggy, Racing Truck, Rally Car, Mud Plugger & Big Rig). Each class has 5 different styles to select from with a number of unique skins.

For the last couple of months, the MotorStorm demo has been my "Look what the PS3 can do" game. That brings up my questions.... will the final version look as good as the movies at the end of the demo, and what percentage of the PS3s abilities were you able to clock the game at (rumors that some games only use 20% of it's capabilities)?
evolution studios: I'm glad you like the demo. In terms of stating if the game rivals the movie - I guess that's for you guys to decide. We're certainly happy with what we created, not just visually, but the entire experience that we managed to deliver.

What new innovations in this game set it apart?
evolution studios: First of all no other game has ever thrown 7 very different classes of vehicle into one race before. The very chaotic nature of MotorStorm sets it apart from other racers with the added factor of the very clever AI which always makes the player feel they are racing with other human competitors and not AI! We think Motorstorm is actually a genre within the racing genre. Brutal, off Road survival racing...experience it and you won't want to go back to any other kind of racing ;o)

Does Motorstorm support full HD uncompressed audio like Resistance?
evolution studios: we have 7.1 audio via HDMI as well as Dolby Digital support. We also have a technology we refer to as 'Live-Fi' that presents all of the music tracks in the front end of the game as live versions. These have been cleared with the origional artist and you can't get them in this format form anywhere else.

Will the game use the xmb friends list and messeging system or will it use its own system like the current online games?
evolution studios: The initial release won't utilise the XMB friends list but watch this space as we'll be looking to improve the online game wherever we can in the future.

Upon beating the single player game, will there be any in-game unlockable content such as movies, scetches, extra vehicles...etc?
evolution studios: As you progress through the game you will unlock new vehicles within each class plus new races on the tickets. There are multiple HD videos available in the main menu which show MotorStorm through the course of development plus concept artwork, etc.

Which programming model(s) did you first start out trying to achieve with Motorstorm? Did it end evolving into something else by the time you were done with the major changes in code?
evolution studios: We focussed our coding effort at massively parrallel approach. This allowed us to make the best use of the CELL processor and the SPUs. As Evolution Studios are an exclusive developer for Sony, and MotorStorm was built entirely for PS3 only, it allowed us to focus our efforts on making the most of PS3 without the consideration of other platforms.

Are the shadows in the final version less flickery than in the demo?
evolution studios: Since the demo was released on the Playstation Network we have made many improvements to various aspects of the game, shadows being one of them. Shadows will now appear smoother and with less flicker than was exhibited in the demo.

Great job on the game so far. I was wondering what amount of women are working at Evolution studios if any? If so, what positions were they helping with? Programming, Art, etc..?
evolution studios: We have a number of women working at Evolution who have worked on MotorStorm. The majority of which have art based backgrounds either working in creative/concept or as a world builder. One of the 6 strong design team on MotorStorm was also female.

So how does the online feature work? Is it just a matchmaking kind of feature, or do you just find a room and simply play? And also, is there a ranking system?
evolution studios: MotorStorm online uses a lobby based system where the players look through all the games currently online and choose the one that best suites them. We do have a ranking system, but unlike previous ranking systems you may have seen we base ours on the players current form rather than their total experience. This means that it isn't just a case of putting in the hours to top the rankings, you'll need to race well consistently.

Hey Dev's, thanks for being here . My question, how does MotorStorm set itself apart from it's genre?
evolution studios: Where does MotorStorm fit in it's Genre? Tricky one. We love racing games here at Evo, and we were itching to do something different with them. in one sense MotorStorm is a Sim, everything under the hood is acting as it should in the real world, but sims can be a bit inpenetrable. We wanted MotorStorm to be as real as we can make it, but when push comes to shove, MotorStorm wants to entertain you...

Sorry I'm late to this dance. Why make the crashes so spectacular as to almost eclipse the quality of racing itself?
evolution studios: We wanted to celebrate crashes in all their glory and make them as satisfying as we possibly could do so. At times you'll wince, other times you'll laugh but most importantly we just wanted to get an emotional reaction out of the player to the brutal onscreen antics.

The Game Is Set In The 'MotorStorm Festival'. Was There An Actual Festival That Inspired This Title?
evolution studios: Not one festival inspired the MotorStorm Festival;, but we've all been to enough to know what makes them awesome places to be. Thye MotorStorm festival was intended to be the best gig you've ever been to combined with the most spectacular racing you've ever seen.

Are there weather effects in the game such rain or dust storms? If not is there a possibility of that being added in the near future?
evolution studios: There are no weather effects in MotorStorm as such, but it does constantly rain mud, especially in 1st person cam when you're behind a Big Rig on the Mudpool ;o) And the amount of dust kickup you see on other tracks means there may as well be a 'duststorm' happening! We do have many different times of day for each of the tracks....

We based the game in Monument Valley and focussed on good weather mainly - people always say that European developers tend to make games that are dark and gloomy due to the weather we get here (its currently snowing by the way). So we really wanted to keep it bright. We included a few oppressive and darker tracks too though, just to break it up.

How did you go about programming the physics aspect of Motorstorm? Did you do any hands-on research actually racing or as a spectator to a dirt track race?
evolution studios: We had a dedicated Physics programmer who's sole job was to develop a versatile yet complex handling model which would allow us to create a wide range of vehicles. Myself and the programmer spent months so that they handled as we wanted, and more imporantly that they where balanced against each other. In terms of real life experience, we might not have been able to drive all of the real life counterparts, but we do enjoy racing our Mitsubishi Evo around the track when we get a chance.

What are you guys the most proud of between everything you achieved in the making of the game?
evolution studios: Personally I'm proudest of the fact that people who play it, love it :)

Will we be able to play you guys (devs) online at scheduled times? Or do you prefer to race privately?
evolution studios: There's no plans as yet, but I'm sure once the game's out there we will be popping on to give you all a run for you're money. We have had a LOT of practice, and, as we say here in the UK "Come and have a go if you're think you're hard enough" :)

What will the ranking system for online looking like?
evolution studios: Ranked play will be based on the players form rather than their total experience. Every single race played online will contribute to the players stats which will affect their rankings (and yes that does include if you quit from the game mid-session!!) that'll give you a named rank such as zero, hero, legend, god etc...but only a few will be able to hold the best ranks in the game.

Are you guys using Cell in any way to help RSX with graphics?
evolution studios: Yep - although I cant give you specifics without boring you to sleep. But seriously - we do tricks like reformatting data on the fly to pass it around quicker etc.

With this being a launch title and having only 2 years to develop, It looks amazing. I don't doubt that you guys put your heart and soul into making this game a hit, but now that it's about to go out the door ... have you already started (or planned on starting) working on a sequel that you can spend more time to develop? Can we expect to perhaps see a new game that will use more of the PS3's capabilities now that you might have more experience with the cell processor.
evolution studios: Of course were looking at where we can go with MotorStorm , but let us worry about that... Go out and enjoy MotorStorm ;-)

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any specific finishing touches you guys have done since the demo was released?
evolution studios: We have, see if you can spot them. Throughout the game everything was geared at improving the experience.

We've added lots of polish, optimisations and other tweaks under the hood to make Motorstorm the ultimate brutal off road experience!!

What are the different racing modes featured in the game?
evolution studios: To The Almighty Ray MotorStorm features a primary game mode that is the festival, where players will need to race well to unlock tickets to further races. But each race features its own unique challenges as we tune the vehicle line up and the AI to ensure that every race feels different from the last. Expect more variety with future downloadable content.

Compared to developing for PS2, would you say its easier to develop for the PS3?
evolution studios: The biggest advantage with PS3 was that its a generation beyond the PS2, so the tools and technology are much more accessible and intuitive.

You mentioned above that the bike would have two different first person angles. Does this mean the third person on the bike like playable in the demo has been wiped out?
evolution studios: Sorry, misunderstanding. It is more like two third person views. The bike has the traditional third person view, like in the demo, and a closer in 'shoulder' view.

Can you list the game modes in the US version of MotorStorm?
evolution studios: The US version has two main modes, offline play, where you get to race in many many varied races in our MotorStorm Festival mode, and onlnie play, where you get to grind your mates into the ground.

What online features should we expect ? Online leagues, sponsored competition. . . etc?
evolution studios: No specific plans have been made to organise any online events at this time, but there is no reason why we won't be able to do so when the time is right. So watch this space...

Do you guys think that this game will motivate people into going out of their way to purchase a ps3, if they already don't have one?
evolution studios: In Europe the highest demanded PS3 package is the MotorStorm pack, so I guess they already are...

evolution studios: Thanks everyone, and good night! We hope you enjoy MotorStorm as much as we've enjoyed making it ;o)

Just a quick note to say its been great actually being able to talk directly with you guys. Hope you love MotorStorm and dont be shy about letting us know what new stuff you want in the future and we'll get right on it. Thanks again - now its time for bed - 1am in the morning here...
This sounds brilliant!

What do you all think about MotorStorm at the moment?


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I'm really looking forward to Motorstorm. I love the whole off road, less precise nature of the game and it should play better online as a result. Precise track racers are often little fun to play online as idiots or simply poor drivers can easily take you out and ruin your race. That's not the case in a game like Motorstorm so hopefully this will provide some great online racing!:)


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Quality user video. Very funny.

Some hands-on online impressions:

Eighthours on forum said:
Upon entering the "Online" space, there are two main rooms you can enter into: "Journalists" and "EU". No idea what this implies in regard to the retail version but each room can have 256 players in it. So if there are 6 ppl in the "EU" room you see "EU - 6/256" here.

Once you enter one of those room you are given the option to Create/Join a game and to check the lobby info (lists online players and the number of running games).

When you chose the option to Join a game you are given the list of games available in that room much like in Resistance. You choose one and you are transferred into that game lobby.

You can enter a lobby even if the game has already started but you cannot spectate. You have to wait in the lobby for the game to end. It's interesting to note tho that racing and waiting people can voicechat like they are on the same channel. You can chat from the lobby with guys actually racing. If you chat from the lobby, your ID name appears on the screens of those racing. When you chat (both in lobby or in race) your name highlights so u know you are transmitting. Btw, names appear above racers exactly like in that one official online screengrab. They are like framed with an horizontal paintbrush of different colors with an arrow pointing to the player. Not only does the name of the guy who's talking appear in the appropriate corner (upper left), but if it's the one in fron of you you will see "communication waves" animating on the sides of his name. Something like this (( PLAYER ID )).

There is voice overlapping, but only for 2 people at the time. This is to avoid the mess of 12 people talking simultaneously. Voice chat is hands free.

As for now, there is NO WAY to invite someone or to even add someone to your friends list from within the game. There's not a dedicated Buddy List a la Resistance. Nothing. Hopefully u'll be at least able to add friends from the Player Met option of the XMB in the final build.

There are no leaderboards. All games seem to be ranked tho. Server keeps tracks of different statistics and gives you some king of "Merit"(not sure this is the correct name). You start as "ZERO" and the next Merit name I've seen is "GRUNT".

Once the leader crosses the finish line, other players have 30secs to complete the race.

There is host migration. Host can leave even mid race no prob. Race will keep going and upon returning to the lobby someone else will be the host.

Host can obviously change race settings but strangely enough he can only do that in two istances: upon creating the game (duh), upon finishing a race and returning to the lobby. The settings menu apperas on the host screen while everyone else goes straight to the lobby. Stange thing is once the host is done with changing the setting and gets back to the lobby, there is no option to change the settings again. You have to finish the next race in order to be given the possibility to do so. I DO REALLY HOPE THIS IS NOT FINAL COS IT'S STUPID.

Finally, the catch-up system. You can turn it on/off but it's not simple rubber band. It gives more boost time the further you are from the leader, while the leader has very minimal boost time. For "boost time" I mean the time it takes for the engine to heat up and explode. So basically, if you are last you can push on the boost almost forever. If you are first you can push it for a sec or two before blowing up the engine. This is actually pretty nice if you consider how MotorStorm plays. Boosting is a fine art here, you have to use it wisely, so even if you are last and hence with almost unlimited boost, you have to got some skill in order to catch up with the others. You u abuse of boost u'll keep crashing and falling from cliffs. At the same time, the leader has to show some skills to stay on top without much boosting help.

Oh, as for the race setting options, you can choose any of the 8 tracks and set them at any of the 6 or 7 times of the day. Also laps can go from 2 to 5 max. You can force one category of vehicle for everyone or allow free selection.


As for the game experience itself, its a blast. I think it's server based cos it's so lag free it reminds me of Resistance. I played a 9 players race and it was EXACTLY like the offline game with all the physics and stuff. There was also this race I was leading with a guy on my tail all the time and when I was about to cross the finish line the pursuer pushed the boost to the max when he was right behind me and purposedly blew up the engine so that the explosion gave him an extra boost to pass me (actually FLYING ABOVE ME) and finish first. Stupid me I forgot about this possibility and didn't blow up myself too.
Mixed bag really but overall not bad.

evolution did say there are leaderboards based on current performance so I imagine that's the ranking part of the article.

Good to see host migration too.

The last point concerns me though. They say it's lag free! IGN have got a preview (NOT review) of LAN games from there Australian reporter and the general consensus is different. In fact it's worse that that of the report you posted above.

Read on below:-

IGN Australian reporter said:
The PlayStation 3 is still striving for the definitive killer app to be released. It's a common quandary of a new console. Thankfully the PS3 is launching with several "great-ish" titles; while they're not necessarily killer, only a fool would discount their potential for enjoyable time-wasting. MotorStorm is shaping up to be one of these great titles, and who knows, with a little polish could even turn into a killer.

There are times when getting our games six months after the rest of the planet isn't such a bad thing. While we can count those times on the hand of a (giant) crab, MotorStorm is one such title. Pity the poor Japanese, where MotorStorm was released as a rush-job, missing one of the most crucial features expected in a racer.

How dare they release a racer without any form of multiplayer whatsoever. Imagine - a PS3 racing title with a clear emphasis on down-and-dirty, car-versus-bike-versus-truck mayhem, and no opportunity to play against a real opponent - split-screen or otherwise. That, friends, is an almost unforgivable blunder. But, thanks to our location at the arse-end of the Earth, we're getting a later version of the game, now with online multiplayer. This is why we were so keen to get hands-on with a fresh, complete build, running on an 8-person LAN.

So, how was it? First of all, if you've either played the NTSC version or seen the videos, you'll have a good idea of how the racing mechanics in MotorStorm work. You choose a class of vehicle, a model and a track to compete on - much like the single player mode. However, all of this hinges around the multiplayer game lobby, where you can host a game, customise settings and invite other players into the match. This is streamlined when connecting the PS3s via a LAN, as was the case for our test.

Once one of the players chooses their vehicle, a countdown timer commences, giving you mere seconds to finalise your selection. Then, it's into the race - such as it is, since the sense of speed is surprisingly lacking.

There is a definite learning curve that is hidden behind the deceptively simple control scheme. Using the right trigger to accelerate and the left to brake, and throwing in a boost gauge into the mix might not sound like the formula for absolute racing bliss - and for the most part, it isn't. Of course, there is more to MotorStorm than simply racing; there's more going on than just darting around a circuit. In reality, in a way reminiscent of Wave Race 64 back in the day, the key to success lies in mastering your balance, rotation and landing. Taking advantage of the environment to give you a momentary lead can mean the difference between a successful overtake and a spectacular dismantling crash.

Provided you don't bother with the motion-based control option, the mechanics are mostly responsive and after learning to compensate for outside factors, such as physics, inertia and Cam's repetitive smashing into the rear of our buggy, things become second nature. Given that some of our competitors had never played the title before, reactions to the controls and physics were mixed; it also caused frustration for some, since regular players of GTA and Burnout suddenly found themselves losing. Badly.

Distressingly, there was some significant lag occurring. Why is this worrying? Consider, this sort of vehicle-jumping, popping and teleporting just shouldn't be happening on a LAN. There's virtually no ping between the systems, and that has us scratching our heads. What's the story?

Moreover, if the system's network is stumbling with eight local players, what the heck is going to happen when MotorStorm goes online? Will a nationally-bound multiplayer session be a mess of jumpy, laggy gameplay? And what of international play? We're a little concerned. It was still playable, most definitely; of course, it doesn't excuse the fact that it shouldn't be happening in the first place. On a LAN. With just 8 players.

This isn't a review, though, and maybe there was some obvious technical reason for the lag. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that this issue is resolved in time for release, especially considering network code is usually one of the last parts of a game to get the final lick of developer love.

See! It's completely the opposite of that other report. I really do hope they played a non-finalised coded version of LAN play.


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The official web-site has posted a new Chapter regarding A.I. Here's what they say:-

MotorStorm A.I. said:
Gagalicious Bucket O' Gags
AI drivers constantly ask themselves questions, such as “Is there someone trying to overtake me? Am I bigger than he is? Is there an opportunity to smear him onto a wall as he tries to overtake me”?

Then they ask another layer of questions – “Has this Gag been used already? Are there already plenty of other things going on? Is the player already tussling with another racer?

Put simply, if the answers are ‘yes’, followed by ‘no’, then a Gag kicks in. In any race, between 100 and 250 of these Gags will be loaded in memory, waiting for the right circumstances to trigger them.

We let vehicles switch routes, dodge attacks, avoid bullies, take shortcuts, hurl insults at each other; we tell them when to boost, when to slam their brakes on, and when to try and smash a shortcut through a shack. The system is ‘player-centric’ (100% geared towards entertaining the player) and it’s careful to make sure that all its budget is spent where the player can appreciate it. It orchestrates the chaos around the player to entertain and challenge, and to make every race unpredictable and memorable.

Artificial Gamers
Even with all these elements in place, the AI still raced differently than a real player would. Realising why made the last pieces of the MotorStorm™ puzzle fall into place.

Next time you play against ‘real’ people, see how many suicide runs they will make trying to take you out, or how many yellow cards they will risk trying to foul you. That’s where the fun comes in: With a videogame it’s okay to kill yourself if you take your mate down with you. It’s hilarious when you try: those near-death experiences become magic moments of gameplay.

Our AI didn’t have this level of understanding – they didn’t know that they were merely players in a game. They weren’t reckless enough; we’d programmed them with the human instinct of survival as their highest priority.

So, self-preservation was the last rule we taught our AI to break. Using the new Gag system we tuned their survival instincts right back, so that they would take crazy risks, knowing (as the player does) that death would just result in a short time penalty. Soon after, the action as we wanted it finally took shape. We convinced our AI that sometimes dying is the best – and most entertaining - course of action.
Seems the A.I. is quite complex even if it is a little harsh sometimes.


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This is taken from the forum:-

Dav said:
cooldawn said:
Dav said:
US multiformat rag Play have reviewed it:

MotorStorm 10
+ Real-time terrain deformation, excellent diversity, technique and control, visual bliss, lots of game to bite into... lots of replayability, awesome tunage, male and female racers, awesome character and vehicle design, insane slo-mo crashes.
-...Yeah right.
Holy cow :shock:

I really want to read this in print. Did a search and couldn't find anything.

You winding me up? Sounds like a normal gaming publication!

It's from here:

They have a website but obviously it isn't on there, just yet anyways.
10 out of 10 guys. I'd imagine the online modes have really pushed the score higher too even though I thought the lack of rumble would tie the score down a peg at least.


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I just wish we knew for sure how the regions are going work with this online. I own a US consoles so not sure if there is any benefit in buying the uk or US version. ... I'll wait and see.

God I miss rumble tho - this would be a game to really feel as well as see :(

Deleted member 79803

I just wish we knew for sure how the regions are going work with this online. I own a US consoles so not sure if there is any benefit in buying the uk or US version. ... I'll wait and see.

God I miss rumble tho - this would be a game to really feel as well as see :(

One of the guys over on ntsc-uk is a member of the Motorstorm development team.

He's confirmed that the online element of the game will be region locked and it'll be the version of the game you own (rather than your PS3) that'll determine what region's servers you'll play on. For example:

US PS3 + UK copy of the game = UK servers
US PS3 + US copy of the game= US servers

Basically he's said the UK version is likely to be the better bet (unless you particularly want to play against US gamers) as it's likely to be less laggy due to reduced ping times/ distance to the servers.

Hope this makes sense?


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OK, reviews update:-

gamesTM = 8 / 10 (Japanese version)
EuroGamer = 8 / 10 (Japanese version)
PSW = 8 / 10 (Japanese version)
Play US = 10 / 10 (US version)
Play US = 9.5 / 10 (Japanese version)
Computer & Video Games = 8 / 10 (Japanese version)
GameBrink = 90 / 100 (Japanese version)
Play UK = 82 / 100 (Japanese version)
GamesMaster = 82 / 100 (Japanese verison)
PSM3 = 88 / 100 (Japanese version)

Shamelessly taken from -

I hate all these import reviews because the Japanese version is inferior but it's a very good sign. The Japanese version doesn't have online and does not use the final code. A score of 8 is really good for the poorer version.

I just wish could point it out so I can see what's what. Doub't many of the web-sites will amend the score to represent their native version either!


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One of the guys over on ntsc-uk is a member of the Motorstorm development team.

He's confirmed that the online element of the game will be region locked and it'll be the version of the game you own (rather than your PS3) that'll determine what region's servers you'll play on. For example:

US PS3 + UK copy of the game = UK servers
US PS3 + US copy of the game= US servers

Basically he's said the UK version is likely to be the better bet (unless you particularly want to play against US gamers) as it's likely to be less laggy due to reduced ping times/ distance to the servers.

Hope this makes sense?

That's very interesting. I was under the impression that the region PS3 you owned would decide which regions online gamers you'd play against. That was pretty much my main reason for not getting a US PS3. If it's the games that decide though then that re-opens the US PS3 option for me.

Thanks for the info :).


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The PS2 was always region-locked by the disc, as in it forced you to that regions servers.

Does mess things up a bit, do i import Motorstorm and get it 3 weeks early, or play with Euros (or get both)?


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One of the guys over on ntsc-uk is a member of the Motorstorm development team.

He's confirmed that the online element of the game will be region locked and it'll be the version of the game you own (rather than your PS3) that'll determine what region's servers you'll play on. For example:

US PS3 + UK copy of the game = UK servers
US PS3 + US copy of the game= US servers

Basically he's said the UK version is likely to be the better bet (unless you particularly want to play against US gamers) as it's likely to be less laggy due to reduced ping times/ distance to the servers.

Hope this makes sense?

Damn, just read this and cancelled my pre-order with VG+. Want to play against UK people rather than US. Now pre-ordered UK version with choices online, with the 10% off code its cheaper than buying it from VG+!!! (only by a few pence though) Just got to hope for 23rd March delivery now!!! :rolleyes:

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