motorstorm pal question


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Iv done a search but could not find anything.
Iv had my jap ps3 for about 4months now and still only playing the 2 games i got when i purchased it, f1, and resistance.
brother got motorstorm and told me to buy it. i went on play to order and it says at the bottom

Region PAL: Will play on UK and European Playstation3 only

Is this right?
As i thought the ps3 games are not region locked just the blu ray region?
can anyone help before i make my order.


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Im sure its just a legal/sony disclaimer, that say to cover their backs.

PS3 games are region free, and its up to individual developers to region lock them. Motorstorm is region free as it is a Sony 1st party game, and all Sony games are/will be region free.


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Sorry to hijack your thread, though its kinda related.
I have a US copy of motorstorm. Its being played in a Euro PS3. I can only connect to US/Australian servers.

I was under the impression that it was the region in which you connected, decided as to which server you would connect to.

Anyone care to explain.


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