motorola v3 or nokia 6230i?


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title says it all, think ive narrowed my phone upgrade to these two. ive always liked the nokias but on paper the motorola wins hands down, any suggestions? ta


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Styling of V3 unquestionable but functionally it comes nowhere near the 6230i, I opted for the K750i - best phone I have ever had.


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I'm also curious as to how the Motorola beats the Nokia 6230i.

Camera: Motorola has VGA. Nokia has 1.3 Megapixel.
Memory: Nokia has memory card support. Motorola doesn't.

Also the Nokia is a Series 60 phone so it has a lot of software for it.

The only thing the Motorola has going for it is the fact that it's slim and it has a bigger screen than the Nokia.

But these guys are right. 750i is the best at the moment.


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the nokia 6320i is a series 40 not series 60 handset..

depends on what you want if you want a decent cam-phone then i'd go for the k750i then the d600 (which has a tv output) both are avail for free on most tariffs of £25 pm and over...


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Hmmm, the nokia rep messed up then. He told us it was a Series 60. Thanks for pointing that out.

Either way, I say still go for the 750i. I'm waiting on mine but having used it in work, it's a great phone.


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ok guys thanks for that, viewed the 750i and looks like a very good phone for the money. every reply states it so it'll have to be that one unless there is another great phone thats been missed........... :smashin: apologies about the v3........due to flicking through the argos catalogue this morning without paying attention! :oops:


Depending on the network, the W800 is a better bet on O2, in that its only £30 more than the K750, and you get a 512meg memory card in the deal ....

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