Motorola RAZR 2020


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Motorola have finally announced their terribly kept secret of the new version of the classic RAZR devices.

A really interesting take on foldables I could potentially see taking off as a concept. The second screen seemingly acts like you would use a smart watch to browse notifications then open up the phone to get the details.

However the price to specs isn't what most was expecting.

Snapdragon 710
128Gb (no SD slot)
6Gb ram
4G only
2500mah battery
6.2″ foldable pOLED, HD (2142×876 p)
16 MP, f/1.7, 1.22 um

RRP on Verizon is an eye watering $1500


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Cost is for the hinge concept and internet says it is limited numbers

I am waiting for the Tom cruise sci-fi holo concept :)


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Agreed. If I were inclined to get an Android phone this is what I would want :) it looks lovely.


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I watched a few YouTubers hands on with it and the general consensus seems to be it's expensive for what you get... But I want it. It's a bold call to go mid range specs on a $1500 phone, this could have been their flagship big seller but they scaled it back. Is this Motorola throwing in the towel on the high end?

I hope it's the start of more useable foldables. The first wave just seemed wasted with technical issues and no real benefit to your average consumer.

I do like for nostalgia purposes they made a launcher that makes it like the old RAZR. I really hope when you use the key pad for calling this is the default skin on it.


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