Motorola e365 camera phone £79.99 at



A good deal? Whats the phone like.

Its either this on Orange PAYG, or the V500/600 on contract.
Any advice?


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I've been thinking about an E365 too, have read some positive reviews of it (I just googled for 'E365 review').

The only things holding me back are poor battery life (3 days or so), and the fact I want to use my O2 sim so would need to get it unlocked.



I've had 1 for about three weeks,no major problems with it,sometimes has a long pause between options which is kind of annoying when you're trying flicking through the menus. Battery life is ok,remember its a biggish colour screen. Did have problems unlocking it , most market stalls didn't have the software to do it,found someone who did it on ebay for a tenner,sent the code within 20 minutes. Have since purchased a cable,have about 11 minutes of polyphonic ringtones and 43 photos stored on the phone and still have 47% free space left.


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I've also got one of these. I really don't notice the menus as being that slow, but I haven't used many different phones so I have nothing to compare it to.

I did notice the camera quality, while a large resolution, is a bid dodgy. It tends to have quite a few lines and what I can only describe as noise on it when seen on a computer monitor, but considering it's a camera phone, it's perfectly acceptable.

I've also been impressed by the memory of this phone. I've got many photos, and about 20 full midi files as ringtones, and I still have 45% memory free.

Impressive phone for the price! One of the best screens I've seen on a phone!


Just ordered one at £79.99 online, £99.99 - £129 in shops.

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