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Motorised Setup Help Needed


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hi everyone, i have a technomate 90cm dish, technomate 1500ci+ super and all the other bits and bobs. i bought this setup three years ago and managed to set it up myself and receive many satellites with good quality. however for some reason it went out of alignment and i never had time to do it again, now i do and tried all day to set it up on thor, using the signal on bbc world but i could not get the quality to go higher than 14%!, i also had 97% signal!! all the connections and cables have been checked and working and the motor is fully operational. i dont think i am doing anything wrong but i am really struggling, any suggestions on the best transponder to lock on to? also using usals what would i key in for longitude and latitude as when previously i had it working i could never get this function to work, i live in norwich and used multimap to find the degrees. i am at my wits end with it and any simple guides for my system woukld be much appreciated, thanks.


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This may help

Welcome to Tech-Tronix Forums guides. We will explain an easy way to align a motorised satellite dish using the USALS setting on your satellite receiver. This method has been extensively tested by ourselves and is a very accurate method of installation.

Step 1. You will need to know your latitude and longitude before you start. A great place to fine this
information is Multimap (www.multimap.com) simply enter your post code, and the coordinates
and displayed below the map. For example if we enter NG12 3PB our coordinates will be:
Lat: 52:54:22N
Lon: 1:02:11W

You need to round up or down the coordinates to the nearest whole number. For example:
Lat 52.5N
Lon 1.0W

Step 2. Install the DisEqc motor and dish as instructed in the manual that came with your motor.
Make sure your mounting pole is perfectly vertical. Once you have done this and connected the motor to your satellite receiver, you need to enter the USALS menu. This will be explained in the receivers manual. Simply enter the the coordinates into the menu. Then select the THOR satellite at 1°West. The motor should move from it's default 0° to 1°West. Select a reliable channel such as BBC World.

Step 3. We presume that you are using a standard in-line meter in between your LNB and the DisEqc motor. Using the meter carefully align the dish to the Thor satellite. You should start to receive BBC World. Fine tune the dish to peak the signal as high as possible. Return to the receiver and select another satellite such as Hellasat at 39°East. Check the Alignment everything should be spot on. If not return to Thor and check the alignment again.

If you followed the instructions properly, you should be able to view a large number of satellites across the arc. Happy Viewing!

Please feel free to distribute this guide in any way. However you must not edit the text.


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yeah thats more or less what i have been doing, i think it could be the motor angle and/or the dish angle that i have slightly wrong? whats the best way to find out what elevation i have to set the motor angle up to and also the dish angle, i dont have the manual for the motor anymore so not sure exactly how to do it


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Other thing, is are you 100% sure that the pole you've got your motor on is plumb? It need to be dead on. Otherwise, it isn't going to follow the arc properly...


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cheers for the swifty replies, all seems to be working ok now so i think i have finally sorted it!:clap:


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Wot'd you change to get it working ... just so that it might help others :)


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yep it would be a good idea to post what you changed just in case someone else has th same problem


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sorry guys, my mistake, i should have said. it seemed that all i needed to do was adjust the dish elevation by a larger degree than i had been, i believe the markings on the elevation arent that accurate and were out by several degrees.:thumbsup:

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