motorised cupboard door



hi guys,

in our bedroom we have a 66cm sharp lcd concealed within our wardrobe.

any suggestion how we can motorise the wardrobe doors to open and shut (its the swing out/in variety). ideally id like them to open and shut when i switch on the tv but that may be asking a little too much.

hoping these is an economical cheap solution :)


it will also depend on the type of hinge and weight of door. If it requires a lot of force (ie - the type of hinge normally used for kitchen cupboards, which kinda 'click' into the open position), it may not be doable with electronics.
this one does not actually click into position though they are large doors (floor to ceiling). on a positive they are very light and require very little manual effort to open and shut.

anymore suggestions?

an old car windscreen motor with a remote kit from maplin
Piece of string to open , shoe to shut :rotfl:
Or ,you could always instruct the wife to do it :eek:
Wheres my coat :smoke:

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