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Hi All,

I am intending on buying a new bike. Seller seems spot OK but could I get a bit of advice on these points. They are asking for a cash sale, but are Ok with a small deposit via BT, asking for cash due due to going through a split with a partner. Amount is £7500. I have run a full HPI check. As well as the reg, the seller supplied the VIN, Serial and Date issue details, the report came back fully clear and has not been recorded as stolen/accident/write-off or finance etc. They have sent through images of the log book, along with picture of VIN from bike frame, thing is their name is not on V5, their reason is that they only got the bike a month ago and the person who is on the V5 had passed away so he bought it from his widow. He was up front and said he just doesn't like the bike and wants to get back pretty much what he has paid for it and hence why didn't get around to registering before they were sure they wanted to move it on? They did send through their home address etc and that is where is would be collecting the bike from.

Anybody any thoughts on this?

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I honestly would be wary.

Anyone scamming another will do their utmost to have plausible excuses for every red flag and make you, the potential buyer, at ease.

There is no reason why the V5 would not be in their name by now - it takes a matter of days to transfer ownership, which they, as the recent buyer, should have done at the point of buying the bike themselves.

Is their home address really their home address? Or just somewhere they're using as a temporary front?

For me, too many red flags and excuses - they may be legit - but I would be looking elsewhere.

Having said that - I only buy cars once every few years, and am not totally up with what is acceptable and what I should be cautious over - hence I tend to err on the side of caution with pretty much everything.


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Same here, I haven't bought a car or bike in a long time.

His address does checkout as does the death of previous owner. Its just the v5 not being in his name and this subsequently nullifies the HPI guarantee

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Bit weird of the person they bought from not to have the v5 transferred. I would not proceed as you aren't buying it from the person who has it registered...Just walk away and get another bike...


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Just changed a car and we put our e-mail on the V5, had a e-mail within a day or two. Its been a couple of days and paper copy hasn't shown up yet but dealer said it should be here next week. A month is far too long and if anything goes wrong you are buggered and probably no insurance either.

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