Motor noise: a poll (without the actual poll)



Just thought it'd be useful to gather some opinions on what amount of noise one expects to get from the disc spinning in a dvd player in normal operation when sound is off (i.e. in a quiet room).

To start off:

arcam CD72 (ok, a cd player): not audible unless ear pressed against unit

pioneer DV-575: fairly high pitched whine audible up to 3-4 meters away. Not audible above film music or dialog. (actually a bit worried I might have a problematic one, any views on this?)


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When I got a new TV (along with stand) recently I noticed the dvd player making a motor noise. The old tv cabinet was an enclosed design the new stand is an open design. The old cabinet probably dampened the noise.
The player is an Hitachi DV-P345, not an expensive model but it gives good results apart from the motor noise that is.
The noise is audible from the seating position only in very quiet (silent)sections of the movie and annoys me but no-one else in the house, it's the same with dvd-r's and dvd's.
I tired lifting it to check for vibration but it's an internal noise, I also tried setting a couple of books on top, this helped a bit but probably due to noise dampening rather than anything else.
As an experiment I am now considering making a removable noise hood, for use only when watching dvd's, which is not often. It will probably consist of three pieces of polystyrene glued together to cover the machine, I am a bit concerned about heat but I will leave the front and back open for air flow and remote control and a gap at the top.
Has anyone else built this sort of thing?


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My old Panny DVD XV10 was noisy when picking up discs, but was quiet when playing them.

All other players I've had have been fine though.

Samsung DVD-709
Sanyo DVD-SL20
Pioneer DV668
Marantz DV7600

All very quiet :)


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I have P575A - fairly nosy motor but better than my previous pioneer model - makes a large amount of noise when loading disc.


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Yamaha DVDSL100, had about 6 months.
Some noise on initial start up, normally okay on most discs but sometimes I can hear a whirring noise from the loader (this comes & goes throughout a film) also occassionally notice a ticking noise during play. seems dependent on disc! :confused:
It's gone back to the manufacturer for them to have a look! :(


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All the players i have owned have made a noise when starting up and selecting menu's and chapters....
Evern the one's in my PC's make the same noise.
I sit around 10 ft from my DVD players and can hear them, untill the programme starts.
I've never had one that has been noisy while the film has been on.
At the moment i have a Pio 575,Denon 2900,Arcam 89.
The Pio and Denon are about the same volume as one another and the Arcam is quieter.
I was able to detect one of the players i had years ago ( pio 626 ) whirring away in quiet bit's of the films but it still was not loud enough to distract me from the movie.

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