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I know it's had iffy reviews and I cant see a thread here for it so thought I'd start one.
I wanted the game because the videos of the Skiing looked great fun, so I picked a copy up this week :)
It's among my favs already for two reasons..Skiing and Horse Riding :thumbsup:
The boxing is pretty average and as unresponsive as the reviews say, football could be awesome had it been more accurate and the American Football is pretty rubbish tbh.

Skiing is great fun though already and I've only just started playing it and I'm really looking forward to getting further into it but the real surprise was/is the Horse Riding. I assumed it was just jumping as that#s what the vids always showed but once you get through that it opens up proper horse racing/jumping and it's fantastic. I say fantastic although I've only played single player cos missus wasn't around at the time. I haven;t had a proper look yet but I was rather hoping you could race against AI opponents and it's actually a crime that you cannot play online because horse racing online would be hilarious :D

Anyway, that's my first take on Motionsports, a title I'm pleased to have in my Kinect colelction :)


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i could hardly use this game,i have 6ft of space between the kinect and me and i cant play half the games because of space:thumbsdow,lucky for me ive got kinect sports which is a far better game anyway.


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It's certainly not great :laugh: but I cant stop playing Horse Riding and Skiiing...and even though pretty tricky, the Hang Gliding is pretty rewarding, it's a bit like Pilotwings :)
Not sure about the big chap in the video though, there's definately no issue with the horses jumping over jumps lol


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God that 2nd guy on the horse riding was :laugh:

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