Motion Sickness with new LCD


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This may seem strange but I am open to suggestions.

I have just purchased the Sony KDL32V2000. I have now watched it over the last couple of days and can only describe the feeling I get when I watch it as "motion sickness". Eyes hurt, slight headache, sick feeling. It takes a while for the to go once I have finished watching it.

I am currently sitting 10/11 ft away from it.

this cant be normal, can anyone suggest anything.

Nielo TM

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Actually, for me it's CRT. When ever I play games such as COD (which has 30half frame, 60fps), I experience dizziness, slight headache and eyestrain. That's why I use LCD instead of CRT as a PC monitor.


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Make sure you have your backlight set to a decent level. If you're in a dim (a relative term I suppose) room then it shouldn't be higher than about 5 with power saving set to low. (personally I would never take it out of low power saving) Most LCDs are stupidly bright out of the box, which could be the cause of this.

If not, then it seems LCD isn't for you - return it and buy something else.

Edit: 32" at 11ft seems rather small, that could also be causing it.


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I was the same for the first week of having my LCD.

I thought for the first few days that i was going to have to send it back but then all of a sudden the symptoms stopped.

As the other replies say,lower the backlight settings and other settings until it suits you.

I also think it's something you just get used to after switching from a CRT to LCD.


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thanks for the replies, its good to know it's just not me. I will see how it goes worse case I'll buy a load of "sea legs".

Could be a case I'm just looking to hard at it for quality checks.

Any other suggestions please keep them coming.

As for alternative, then not sure what there is. Plasma to big, CRT no longer around


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Hmmmm, yes I've often had a motion while watching some sOnY lcd's......A bowel motion! Even after mucking about with the backlight.:rotfl:

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