Motion Judder when playing Xvid on 50" plasma


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I am not sure if any one else is experiancing this
i built my HTPC i am quite experinced with PC Hardware
components are

Intel I7 2600k socket 1155 (3.2 ghz @4ghz)
Z68 chipset Motherboard (Asus)
16Gb ddr3 (Corsair vengance 1866mhz)
750gb caviar black hard drive
XFX Black edition HD6870 Ati grapics card

the HTPC is connected to Onkyo SR706 reciever via a 1.4a cerified hdmi cable (this is irrelevent as my tv or amp does not support 3d but i do want it to bitsream DTS-HD Master audio which works fine)


i seem to get motion judder when playing standard resoulution xvid video formats. no matter what player i use its still the same. i have tried using lower resolution but my plasma is only HD ready so 720p is max. and the above hardware should easily play low reolution xvid. i also get this problem with watching bbc iplayer. but because this is web based i didnt weant to use this as a eg..

All HD Formats work perfectly with out motion judder

Players used

VLC player
Media player (mircosoft)
Zoom player

codecs tried

Cole2k advanced
Core 2 professional
divex codec pack

I have tried updating to the latest drivers for my gfx card. currently on 11.12
i have tried fresh instalation of windows 7 (64bit) more times then i try to remember

i was wondering if any one else out there has the same problem and fixed it?

Thank you

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