Motion blur advice for Sony KE55XH8196


I've just got a new Sony KE55XH8196
To be honest I'm a bit disappointed with the motion blur I'm getting. Particularly evident watching the snooker.
As I understand it, this is caused by the discrepancy between the broadcast source frame rate, and the TV's refresh rate, which is much higher. So the TV needs to insert additional frames.
I've gone into the Motionflow settings, and it's better on 'smooth' setting, but not perfect.

I expected a flawless picture really, my 15 year old Panasonic plasma is better, but that's probably because it's 60Hz refresh?

Can I do anything to improve this?


I couldn't sleep with this problem on my mind :)
But the good news is I think I've sorted it, and the issue was with the HDMI input signal format.
I'm using a Manhattan T3-R PVR, which is a 4k capable device.

From the TV Settings menu, select -
  • Watching TV
  • External Inputs
  • HDMI signal format
  • HDMI 1
  • Now change 'Standard format' to 'Enhanced format'

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