Motile rod's new(ish) flat and cinema!

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Can't find the old thread so I thought I'd start a new one. I've made a few additions since then, namely I've moved to a new flat, new speakers and a new tv stand (finally!).

Kit list:
Front speakers - Monitor audio gs60
Rear speakers - Monitor audio gs10
Stereo power amp - Audio research VS55
Multichannel power amp - Arcam P1000
Stereo pre amp - Musical fidelity A5cr
DAC - Musical fidelity KW DAC
CD/HDD Transport - Arcam MS250
AV processor - Marantz sr6003
TV - Samsung 40m87
Projector - Optoma HD800X
Hifi stand - Custom design Milan 5
TV stand - Custom design LCD 2
Cables include qed silver anniversary and qed qunex 3 rca's.

I still need to get lots of bits, a projector screen, ceiling mount for the pj, tidying up the cabling, storage for all the cd's and blu rays and possibly a sub. I'd also like to get an audio research pre amp and maybe a solid state muscle amp (krell, bryston etc).

Rubbish quality pics!:


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Seriously nice kit mate! Reminds me a bit of a speaker showroom. I have the same PJ as you and also love Apocalypto :smashin:


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Nice setup,

And nice collection of Blu-rays, how many you got? :D


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great setup u have there bro..
and a nice collection of Blu rays too.


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Lovely setup mate, i love the monitor audio gear. :thumbsup:

motile rod 2

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Reminds me a bit of a speaker showroom.

That's an awesome comment as it's exactly the look I was going for! You know, that cosy hifi shop feel. The kind of place I like to be I suppose.:D

I really need to sort the projector mounting and screen asap. I'm guessing it's going to set me back around 500 quid all in. I'm a bit tight on funds but I might be able to do it in a couple of months. I suppose I should really sell those redundant rs6's sitting at the back, but I really don't want to part with my first pair of proper speakers.

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