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I've got a huge problem with my PC. I was installing a new hard drive and now the PC won't POST at all. My spec is:

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe rev2 (v.1.007 BIOS)
1024MB Corsair PC2700 DDR333 (2x512MB)
Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB
Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 120GB 7200rpm 8MB cache (Parallel ATA)
DVD / CD-RW combo

I've had the new hard drive working fine, and it's formatted with Windows XP Home.

My problem is that I turned the PC back on after doing a few tweaks, and it wouldn't POST at all. There are no report beeps to say that the graphics card isn't seated properly or anything like that, and the monitor says there is no connection.

I've checked all cables, and reseated the boards just to be sure. I'm stumped.

I wondered if the PSU was not powerful enough to run everything, so I removed the hard drive and DVD / CD-RW combo so that just the graphics card was running. I got nothing again.

At this stage I thought it was my graphics card that had gone faulty, so I took the GeForce out of my old PC and tried that in place of the Radeon, but that wouldn't work either.

I've tried clearing the CMOS many times but that doesn't help, and I've checked the jumpers on everything.

Nothing works! I am good at using PCs, I've built 5 or 6 and never had this problem before. I've narrowed the problem down to the motherboard because I've used a differnt graphics card, removed the IDE devices and the PSU works because when I turn the PC on the fans start and the green LED comes on on the motherboard itself.

Has anyone had a similar problem to this? Is my motherboard fried? If that's the case it can go back because it's still under guarantee.


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Sounds like it may be fried.

Do you have a graphics card you could try in a different slot ??



I've got my old Voodoo 3 3500 sat in my old PC. It's a PCI card instead of AGP, so I'll give it a go when I get home from work.

Doesn't sound good though. I hope the motherboard isn't fried because I want to play UT 2004 on Friday! :(


Originally posted by IronMonkey
My problem is that I turned the PC back on after doing a few tweaks, and it wouldn't POST at all.

Sounds like you "tweaked" a little too much :)

Dead MB by the sounds of it. Depending on what you were doing, there may be a stray screw or something under the board. Worth taking it out of the case & checking everything again thoroughly during the rebuild.

Best of luck.



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what was the last bit of "tweaking " you did? Seems unusual it was working fine till you did this. Maybe if you shed some light on what you did we may be able to narrow down what may have caused your issues. Do any leds come on the mobo atall or is it completely dead?What power supply are you using?


By tweaks I mean resetting the BIOS settings to how I had them before I cleared the CMOS - i.e. setting RAM timings, disabling the nVidia LAN port (I don't use that one) and a couple of other things like the BIOS clock. Nothing that could potentially be dangerous.

I use the recommended timings from Corsair for the RAM, and haven't overclocked anything.

Argh! Help!


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Try leaving it unplugged from the power supply for a few hours as this should set the bios back to default.
I've found in the past that resetting the CMOS doesn't always work.
Gotta be worth a try.


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I recently built a system based around a ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe.

I had nightmare with the no post problem. Searching on the net revealed many many problems with this series of MB's not posting.

I see you are using Corsair RAM. I also had Corsair. My system refused to post from cold. After a lot of messing around it would boot. Shut it down for 10 mins, still boot OK. Leave it 3 post.

Thought it was a earthing issue. Set the system up outside the case. Still no luck. Finally tracked it down to the RAM with the help of Corsair USA. Got my money back for Dabs & now running Crucial with no probs.

I suggest you try starting with only a bare min set up.


This should give system fail mem test.

Next try 1 stick of 1024MB Corsair PC2700 DDR333

If it still doesn't post (fans running MB green Led on) do you have a cheap stick of Ram about you can try.

If this won't post it doesn't sound good as you have tried another VGA.

Sorry if this sounds mad but my problem nearly sent me crazy and much of what you describe sounds similar, although your system has worked OK prevously.

This Asus range of boards seem to suffer more than most. Try "ASUS A7N8X no post" in google will give you hours of reading pleasure!!!!!

One last observation the ASUS NetQ Forum has been out system maintenance for the last 30 days that I have been checking. What is going on?

Hope this helps

Pete Delaney

The last time I rebuilt my system, with new mobo, memory, cpu I thought it was fried. Nothing happened when I switched it on, I spent the day taking it apart and re-building on a trial and error basis. Eventually I lost my temper and in frustration I took it out on the PSU on off rocker switch. After quickly rocking the switch to on off on off on, it all came to life!!


Zor thanks for your post. I know it's not a problem with the Corsair RAM as I have had Windows XP running with that RAM on the old hard drive I had.

The reason I opened up the PC in the first place was to replace my Seagate 40GB hard drive with a Maxtor 120GB Diamond Max Plus 9.

The new hard drive is not the problem and I've already tried booting with just the graphics card & CPU, but I get nothing. I've been reading on the Internet and I think that the BIOS is fried.

It seems that a lot of people have the same problem. I cannot re-flash the BIOS because I can't even get past the POST!

The board is still under guarantee. Do you think this would be covered by the guarantee? It seems it's a problem with the board itself rather than the user.


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I would still give it a try. See if you will at least get a post report with only cpu + vga & work from there.

When I got mine to boot it ran faultlessly under XP and the corsair mem would pass everything MemTest-86 could throw at it.

I thought I had also fried the bios. At one stage when I did get into the setup menu the bios would crash (freeze) in the monitoring menu

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