Motherboard Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2 question

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by Hybrid, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Up until now i was using the integrated graphics on this board, but now i am thinking of buying a separate graphics card.

    My problem is related to the fact that the motherboard specifications say it supports PCI-EX 16x, but there is also a note saying the following:

    "(Note 2) The GA-M61SME-S2 supports up to PCI Express x8 mode. (please refer to the VGA cards support list)"

    Now, while i am decided to buy a new graphics board, i don't want it to be limited by the 8x slot (if it is true that it doesn't support full PCI-EX 16x).

    While i am almost certain that a 8800 series or ATI equivalent would be limited, i don't know about lower range models like 8600, 7600 etc.

    So what i would like is a recommandation of a graphics board (or a range of models) that would not be limited by the 8x bandwidth, if it is true that it supports only 8x.

    Have a nice day and sorry for the language, english is not my primary one :)

    PS: Or if you know a way to calculate PCI-EX 8x bandwidth....

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