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Motherboard for gaming pc

Johnny D

Active Member
Hi All,
I recently built my first pc and now a friend has asked me to build him one ( he's brave!)
His budget is £400 max including monitor and he wants to be able to play the latest games and edit music etc.
I know it's a tough ask on the budget but these are the components i've selected so far
CPU Intel core 2 duo 6550 (oem) and a 19 inch monitor. I'm now left with £250.
I'm looking for a mobo to go with either of these graphic cards and wondered if you can advise me please
Looking to spend around £50 on the board.
I've sorted a case, HDD, optical drives, cooling, keyboard etc,
These don't seem too bad
Or is there some better ones. Advice on the memory to use would also be appreciated (DDR2 is my preferred chice because of the budget).
Thanks in advance,
Johnny D


most of the stuff you linked to is either out of stock or overdue by months.

Johnny D

Active Member
Thanks for the input chaps.
I started another post on the grahics card forum that also relates to this. I've nearly solved the issues
Feel free to peruse.
Thanks again,
Johnny D


Active Member
To be honest if he wants to play the LATEST games, i dont think that graphics card will cut it. You need to look at a ATI 4850. or if you want to go Nvidia a 9800 GTX+

The ATI is cheaper & faster.
Also make sure the Motherboard you get has a "PCI-express 2.0 x16" bus lane


Active Member
i would go for the 8800gt on your mates budget. its quite a strong card, and if your playing on a 19inch monitor then the 8800gt should be fine.

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