Motherboard - CPU combo


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Hi All,

Would this combination of mobo and cpu be able to play back HD:

Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H AMD 690G Socket AM2 Onboard VGA 8 channel audio mATX

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.5GHz Energy Efficient Socket AM2 L2 1MB (2x512KB) Cache

At a price of £93ish seems pretty good.

I'll add 1-2Gb RAM not sure yet - the more the better I suppose.

I like the board as it has both DVI and HDMI plus an optional component out, also hoping the onboard graphics will off load some of the processing as I plan this to be an HTPC. I'll be adding a DVB-S2 card so would like it handle this and record at the same time. In time I might add a DVB-T card as my satellite feed is single and this would let me record one channel while watching another.

So potentially, I could be watching BBC HD whilst recording a freeview channel :eek:


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Cheers Andy,

That mobo looks good, I'll have to drop the component reqiurement to use it. My reason for considering component was to use it to run the video to my projector based on having read about HDMI problemss over longish distances - I don't want to have to use signal boosters. I'll have to have another read up this to see if I'm worrying about nothing.

The review, suggests I could get away with lesser processor would this be a false economy?


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For the difference in price it would be a false ecomony, as the one they suggest "JUST" does the trick.


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Yeah, that's the conclusion I'd come to bearing mind I want it to do other things at the same time, so could use a cpu with more headroom.

One thing I've just noticed; I'd assumed (incorrectly) that if a mobo had both DVI and HDMI they'd both be active at the same time, which going by tomshardware review they're not as this is set in the bios. I was hoping to connect each output to a different display, in this case a telly and projector, and as these are in the same room only would be turned on. As it seems I'd have to change the bios each time, or is using an external splitter my only option?


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Arrghh, thanks for the link; page 8 says:

(Note 1) Simultaneous output for DVI-D and HDMI is not supported.

This still looks to be the most promising board unless there are any mobos that support simultaneous output on 2 * dvi\hdmi?

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