Motherboard bios updates... is it worth it in general?


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I have an i5 2500K which runs nice and stable at 4.33ghz on my P8P67 Deluxe (V3)

I have had it up to 4.5 or 4.6ghz (I cant remember) but it gets a little flakey.

however I was having a look.... currently it is on a fairly old bios. (I think it is 1503 from April 2011)

since then there has been a number of new bioses and most of them mention improving system stability, the most recent one, 3602 I believe which is less than a year old.

Part of me thinks, if it is not broke dont fix it..... But the other part of me things, I am getting a new GPU soon (probably a GTX980) and I will need every bit of juice I can get out of my aging 3.5 year old (but fantastic even now imo) Sandy i5 so as not to bottleneck.

Has anyone any experience with updating to the newer bioses on these old chipsets? Did it really offer any more stablility - esp on the overclocking front - or should I leave well alone whilst I have a nicely overclocked and very well behaving PC?



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I can't say if it will boost functions or performance on your motherboard, hopefully someone else with similar one will have more info, but my Gigabyte Z77 with old BIOS didn't go too well with a new GTX970 - apparently due to a VGA compatibility issue with gfx cards release since, which meant I had no access to the BIOS setup itself and it was very slow to eventually boot up to Windows.

Fixed it by unplugging new 970, using internal gfx to get into W7, where I updated BIOS to most recent/stable version - after that it all started working fine.


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thanks, despite not answering my direct question it is still good to know. By the sounds of it, it may be an idea to update to the newest one anyway, esp as my mobo does not support on chip graphics so will be easier to upgrade now rather than later perhaps.


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Personally I only update my BIOS when I have a problem or need a specific fix.

Although it is a lot easier these days, just the small risk of an issue causing the BIOS to be bricked puts me off.


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I updated my Sandy-E Asus Mobo a few months back, because of something I needed, which I can't remember at the moment. This involved downloading a converter as they had changed the bios upgrade system and files so I could get the new bios files.

Whilst it can be straight forward I wouldn't do it unless I encountered a problem, which I did and I remember what it was now. Something to do with the USB and USB Corsair K95 Keyboards.


I always update to the latest bios, takes literally 2 minutes with the built in Asus EZ Flash programme. No particular reason, just like to have the latest!

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