Most XBOX games are not broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1


Stewart C

The software suppliers seem to be missing a channel out in most XBOX games being released.

The missing channel is the centre channel. I have only one game at the moment when you can hear the voice of the pace note passenger in Rallisport coming clearly from the centre speaker. My other games, Amped, Dead or Alive, Buffy, Gotham all have Dolby digital soundtracks and all are surround sound, but not 5.1. It seems to be 4.1.

I have 2 set up's. The bedroom set up is a Creative PC based set up which gives me 5.1 with everything else, and my living room which is the mighty Denon 11SR + M&K Package. Both shows the lack of a centre channel.

Also, I went to my mates who has a similar set up and he too does not have the centre channel operating except for Rallisport.

Bit disappointing this really.


Dom H

Center speakers are teh evil!!11!!!!

I don't have a center speaker but I know Halo uses it.

John Jennings

Established Member
There was a problem with earlier versios of the X-box audio SDK that meant centre channels didn't work properly. Now sorted apparently, so it should be used a lot more from now on...


I never hear anything from my centre channel - only really listened closely to halo and hear bu**er all.

Ive read elsewhere that it is encoded, but at a realllly low volume?


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