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Jul 26, 2002
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what games are you looking forward to.

on xbox i want.
colin mcrae 3
blink time sweeper
shenmue 2

on ps2 i want
pro-evolution 2
smack down sym
ratchet & clank

Splinter Cell
Halo 2
Project Ego

Gamecube (yet to buy)

Super Monkey Ball
Mario Sunshine
Resident Evil


Battlefield 1942

I used to be a Xbox only guy, but since seeing some of the stuff on the GC I'm looking forward to picking one up in a few weeks time.
all i want is pro evo 2 thats it,thats all,what more would or can you need lol :D
lol I agree Silverback ^_^

Heres my want list anyway in no order...

Halo/Halo II
Ninja Gaiden

Wild Arms III
Tekken IV
Gran Turismo IV
Suikoden III
Colin Mcrae III
TimeSplitters II
Star Ocean III
Time Crisis III

StarFox Adventures
Metroid Prime
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Resident Evil 0
Super Monkey Ball II (yet to receive it!)

Valkyrie Profile
Dragon Quest VII
Guitar Freaks
Dew Prism

(Mainly titles that I have yet/about to pick up....)

Golden Sun II
Mario RPG
Yoshi's Island

Virtual On
Samba De Amego

That'll do for now ^_^
Surely you will be better off putting Ikaruga under the DC wants :p It will be coming out a lot quicker!

Mario Kart
Soul Fighter

Any of the Fire Emblem series (thx to Neoblade on getting me keen on these!)

Star Wars Galaxies
UT 2003
CS - Condition Zero
EVE Online

I haven't mentioned any of the games already said as they are also ones I want :p
jesus wept neo thats what i call a wanted list lol kinda makes mine look a bit sad really lol.mmmmmmmmmmmmm pro evo2 :D
Not sure why all the fuss about Metroid on the GC. Looks fairly ordinary to me, but then I never played the original games way back (had an Amiga in the SNES days).

Timesplitters looks the best FPS option on the GC until Perfect Dark finally arrives. I won't be fooled into buying a Turok game again, that's for sure.

Mind you, at the moment my gaming focus is on October 4th. Bring on the fat plumber!

RDB :)
Metroid... Drool lol ^_^ Man I've been waiting for a new Metroid game as long as the next Mario. IMO Super Metroid is one of the best balanced and atmospheric games of its generation and deserves its title as a classic. All classics age well and this game is no exception. While I was rather angry at the "First Person Adventure" switch I can't see the game designed to work in either way now... Unless it was all done like Tomb Raider. This game has an awful lot to live up to, especially thanks to its perspective change but I hope that no-one will think that this is a FPS since its not designed to be.

Silverback, lol it is a bit of a list but I missed out a few because it was a bit late ^_^

Mario Kart Online is one title I really hope will come to fruition and I missed out the new Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem (Nintendo better release this game... Or HELL will break loose), Doom III (PC since by that time I'll have a top PC ^_^), the new 3D Street Fighter (developed by Capcom and not Arika) and some other PS2 RPGs that I have forgotten >_< Also for retro fans Radiant Silvergun on the Sega Saturn and Dodonpachi... I wish shooters like these were still out ^_^

PS. Sinzer - My mate has the DC Ikaruga but I'm getting the "worldwide" GameCube release which will have extra worlds and weapons I believe.
Mario Kart Online, WOW that would be awesome lets all join hands and pray that nintendo do this and make it as good as the snes version?

I am on the lookout for a snes (jap or us) just so I can play SMK and super tennis, still the best sports game on any console. Does anyone have a console for sale?
Ahhh, super smash tennis, that was AMAZING!!!

Hard to do an update in these days of 3d graphics, I think I read somewhere there may be a GBA release.

Metroid will be a platform/adventure game primarily, isn't it going along the same lines as Jedi Knight 2, where some areas are FPS and some areas are best completed in 3rd person?
Metroid Prime is entirely in the first person perspective and the view only changes when Samus morphs into a ball. I'm not sure if the grappling hook is still there and if it switches to a 3rd person view for that as well... From initial previews it looks like there will be a fair bit of exploration since you have the scan visor to gain information from enemies, plants, etc etc. 4 visors are available once all collected and all of them must be used to get anywhere in the game. A lot of emphasis is on exploration much like in Super Metroid but that doesn't mean that there isn't any shooting involved ^_^

As for a US/Japanese SNES... I don't know any places other than ebay that will sell them.. Maybe Groundy knows a site?

Smash Tennis is still a superb title although Virtua Tennis is pretty sweet as well. The GBA and GC are ideal platforms for multiplayer games like this so I wonder why its taking so long for any decent tennis titles to come out...

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