Most desirable PDA?


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Any ideas which PDA is currently the most feature rich and sought after? Have to buy a load of computer gear before March 31st thanks to Mr. brown :( and a PDA sounds just the sort of gadget I really need ;) I notice there are a few that can double up as mobile phones - GPRS browsing on the move also appeals.




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March 31st is a bit too early really as there are a few interesting ones hitting the market over the next few months.

If you want one with an intergrated phone the best you can get is that XDA II which will set you back about £400 sim free.


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Alternatively a bluetooth enabled pda + phone such as Sony E T610 will give you the functionality you might look for. Ipaq seems to be flavour of the month in terms of price and some rather cute functionality - e.g my 2210 can be used as a remote for av gear. view pics stored on Compact Flash, act as a wireless mp3 player for my collection held on PC. Others have added a bluetooth GPS & satnav software.

Bloomin' great devices (not just ipaqs I might add) - have a browse on

Other useful links I found before buying (great bit of software here to put a dvd onto a cf card to view on the move)


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I got my 4150 from here!
Their prices seemed pretty keen to me and it arrived in 2 days!
They've got plenty of others too!
And I'm in total agreement with wilber!

Bloomin' great devices (not just ipaqs I might add)


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I've just got an Ipaq 2210 and can't believe what an amzing little thing it is - really happy so far and it was only £225 from Ebuyer :)


If you are into your AV gear then get something with an xscale processor then it can act as the remote control, dont get the ipaq 1940 for instance as this does not do the job.




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Just got a Clie NR70V for £110.

Old tech but I only really need it as an organiser.

Very few PDA's look cooler!


I'd suggest:

Pocket PC 2002/03 :smashin:

PDA phone :thumbsdow

Bluetooth :smashin:

Compact Flash & Secure Digital capability :smashin:

Theres not many out there, but I think the pocket loox 610 will do it...(I have the 600 and can't fault it.

For me the CF & SD expansion and BT were the most important things. If you want to turn your PDA into a phone you can at a later time and basically the expansion options are almost unlimited. Bluetooth was a must for the on-the-move emails and ocasional surfing and sheer hel of it all)

Haven't looked into the market for a while so will be interested to see what options you come up with

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HP Ipaq 6300...the best there is.

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